SmarK Rant for NXT 06.03.2015

It’s the second week of the taping cycle, and things are . . . weird.

NXT champion Kevin Owens has been promoted to the main roster on a full-time basis, which means they’re going to have to get that belt off him sooner rather than later. Problem is, they’ve already taped four weeks of TV where Owens is feuding with Samoa Joe for the title and building up to that match. This leads to a second problem: Samoa Joe himself is likely going to the main roster. That means there’s basically no one left to be the champion of this brand because they’re all too awesome to stick around. Good problem to have, I guess.


This also marks the real beginning of the Wednesday Night Wars, as ROH debuts on Destination America as a lead-in for TNA Impact, in addition to Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network. The move of ROH to an actual network was apparently the driving force behind WWE getting Samoa Joe locked down into a full-time contract, so hopefully he’ll be all over these shows fairly soon.

Match No. 1: Tyler Breeze vs. Adam Rose


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