Lucha Underground 06/03/2015 Review/Results



Hey Lucha Fans, back for another review this week. Let’s get right into this, if you need to catch up please feel free to read last weeks review.

The show starts off with Chavo being a snitch, he sits in Dario Cueto’s office telling Cueto all the plans he made with Black Lotus and her teacher. He tells Dario not to worry though, because he is only loyal to the highest bidder. After some contemplation Dario decides to match Chavo’s  offer by providing protection. He then adds tell me what you really want just as we cut away.

After commercials we arrive in the temple for the first time this week, as the band rocks out hyping the crowd.

First Jack Evans comes out heeling it up right away, he again does his handstand and refuses to shake hands with a member of the crowd, I expect him to have a decent showing again this week and he does a good job getting heat early. Out next is Argenis, commentary hypes this as his return since last we saw him he get his arm tweaked by Pentagon some time back.

Next out of no where Dario Cueto comes out of his office, he then starts cutting a promo on Evans and Argenis, he states Argenis had his arm broken last time he was here, and Evans lost last week, so he purposed the question why should we care about this match? After a nice pause he then delivers the punch line which is “because I’m going to make it interesting”. Out comes one of the 7 medallions as he puts it on the line in that match, after the medallion is handed to ref we start the bought.


Match 1= Jack Evans Vs Argenis

The match starts off with Evans getting heel heat as Vampiro goes through some history of the heel’s time in Japan. Evans continues with some nice strikes until he gets caught and power bombed by Argenis. Argenis then begins to hype the crowd but Evans wisely plays possum then uses the ref as a distraction to hit a nice drop kick. This match is going at a much slower pace than I expected it to, Evans seems to be taking his time in between moves to get in some taunts and to emphasize his move set before capitalizing. Evans then slows the match down by locking in a nice arm bar that was unexpected, after the ref had to force the rope break Evans continues to garner more heat by shoving the ref and being disrespectful. Taking a bit of a beating Argenis comes back setting Evans up on the outside and diving from the ring onto Evans to the floor, the crowd is really behind him now but Evans tries to come back with a counter. Argenis wisely side steps and hangs Evans up on the barricade. Speaking of Barricade this thing is getting crazy action in recent weeks and hopefully we can keep the positive trend going. Argenis decided to only hit Evans with a smack while he was hung up and then slowly drags him into the ring. After a 2 count Argenis begins to show frustration as the spot of this match comes from him, he oddly props Evans up on his shoulders and does like a modified death valley driver into to a pinning combination, it was a cool spot but Evans still kicks out. After his kick out Jack pins Argenis with a back slide into a bridge attempt, he then gets the win for the upset… 1…2….3!

Winner = Jack Evans Via Pinfall

Whoa.. That was an out of the blue finish, I didn’t expect that at all and poor Argenis sold he didn’t either. As jack parades in the ring commentary sells the importance of having one of those medallions, teasing of things to come in the future.

Next we head back stage and find DAIVARI talking with Big Ryck. Daivari states the golden warrior is always looking for more gold, so he talked Dario Cueto into giving him and Ryck a triple titles shot. Ryck seems happy as Daivari states they only need one more partner. Ryck takes the opportunity to call out his cousin the Mack, just as Mack jumps into frame, right as Daivari questions him Cage makes a grand entrance and states he is the man for the job. It didn’t take long for one of the coolest back stage fights to break out as Cage attacks the Mack beating him down in front of his cousin and Daivari. After they go toe to toe Cage slams Mack into the lockers then drops on him on one with a big slam, Daivari is pleased and choses Cage as his partner as Big Ryck looks down in disgust at his failed cousin.

Moving on we head to another portion of the backstage locker room, we then see Chavo come into frame as he confronts black lotus. He tells her he talked to Dario, and she is all set up for her first match tonight. Just like that his expression changes and he goes to attack lotus. So ok this is probably the second best vignette we’ve seen, this was FREAKING awesome. They shot this like a kung fu movie and lotus pulls off some sweet moves. She takes out Chavo as he battles cries for help, she then has to take out Mr. Cisco and Castro who also join in on the attack. Even after serving them individually the numbers game catches up to her as Chavo nocks her out form behind with a hugs staff. Next we see Chavo pull out handcuffs as the scene ends.

Back to the temple we go as we get hyped for the next showcase, the new band is gettnig down on more Heavy vibes and I like the change.

Big Ryck, Cage and Daivair enter the temple. Daivari comes out with his signature glass of booze which ive dubbed konyak. Following the heel,s here comes the face and Trio’s champions Havok, Angelico and ivelisse.

reftriple belts

Match 2 = Cage, Daivari, and Big Ryck VS Havok, Ivelisse, and Angelico

Ivelisse makes her way down with crutches and she is clearly the fan favorite, as always the crowd chants for Havok as well. After showing off the titles we Finally start the match with Angelico and Cage as the leagal men.

Angelico gets off some quick kicks and begins hitting Cage right away with strikes, I like him working aggressive but he is put in his place quick by the monster Cage. After showing some strength they begin to exchange back and forth, now oddly enough after the big exchange for Cage, Havok blind tags in, causing him and Angelico to argue. Havok then begins to face Daivari and starts hitting some nice moves including a tilt a whirl head scissors. Its all Havok in this exchange seemingly getting the complete upper hand on Daivari, finally Angelico gets his revenge and tags himself in now. Angelico then makes the mistake of getting caught up in the heel corner as Ryck ends up tagging himself in and putting the boots to Angelico. I like how Ryck keeps it simple with his work rate, he uses big strong power moves and chokes to get heat and finally tags in Daivari for some quicker offense.The heels then begin to utilize their tags and take turns on Angelico. Finally Ryck puts Angelico in a vertical Suplex and keeps him there, this was a unique and an awesome spot, Ryck held Angelico in the suplex then passes him off the Cage who keeps him Vertical after doing some squats and showing off to the crowd. Finally Cage drops him with the plex and taunts the crowd proud of his work. I seriously marked out for that, its just the small little indy things that really shine on this show. Now somehow Angelico gets a bit of separation but still eats a nice power bomb by Cage, Ivelisse is showing more fear as things continues looking grim for Angelico. Ryck then returns to the match and makes a smart move by knocking Havok off his corner and then tags in Daivari for the double team, just as we are about to get a double team move, Ivelisse interferes. Daivari then grabs her but Texano runs out for the distraction, in the confusion Angelico runs and dives to the outside taking out Cage allowing Havok to get the moonault on Daivari pinning him for the 1..2…3

Winner = Havok, Iveliss and Angelico


Back to Chavo now as he busts into Dario’s office. He shouts bring her in as the remaining members of the crew bring in Black Lotus. Dario greets her with a smile and says he has the perfect spot for her, right across from his brother, she begins kicking at him as Chavo smiles and we cut away.

Pentagon Jr makes his way to the temple as the fans chant Zero Fear, he is completely over as the fans chant and show off their Pentagon merchandise. Sexy Star then enters the ring and is over in her own way, its nice to see the crowd giving her respect, even though she is facing the clear fan favorite.

Match 3 Pentagon Jr Vs Sexy Star Submission Match

The match starts off with Jr actually cutting a Promo on Star saying he will break her and sacrifice her to his master, Star then attacks him from behind but it doesn’t take long for JR to hit her with a stiff leg strike. Jr then puts star on to the ropes and begins hitting her with some nasty stiff chops, he then stiff kicks and hits her with a nice drop toe hold. Jr is going for the arm breaker right away but Sexy reverses into a head lock trying to keep Jr grounded. The crowd is completely split as they chants if Zero fear and Sexy star echo around the temple. As Star gets off a nice flurry she caps it off with a dive to the outside, the crowd chants Lucha for her efforts and seem to be into this all the way. Star is doing good work here using the ring posts as weapons to punish Jr and weakening Lucha Underground’s most dangerous man, he literally bounces off almost all ring posts as Star continues to take it to him. Star then is the first to go for a submission locking in a nice leg lock, Jr finally breaks the hold and counters star with a sick Submission i’ve never seen before, some kind of modified hold. Some how Star uses her athletics and is able to counter dropping Jr into another arm bar. The hold doesn’t last long and Jr begins to come back with vengeance kicking the hell out of Star focussing on going in for the kill. He locks in another Submission Ive never seen before yet Star manages to get to the ropes and breaks the hold, too bad she then eats a nasty thrust kick for her efforts, forcing her to the outside. Jr then went for a baseball slide but star moves and now they begin to battle on the outside, Sexy Star then uses the barricade and jumps on Jr as the crowd chants this is awesome. I am really impressed with Star as she locks in a nice half grab. Just as I was thinking Jr better not tap to a half crab the  mask less Super Fly slides into the ring and distracts Star. Star lets up on her hold allowing Jr to escape and Fly feeds Star into Jr’s package pile driver, he then locks in a surf board into a modified choke causing Star to submit.

Winner = Pentagon Jr.

After the match the crowd boo’s as Jr goes to break Star’s arm, and seemingly not being able to watch this, Vampiro jumps the announce table and shoulder blocks Jr in the ring. The crowd chants for Vampiro as he looks around in amazement. Vampiro and Jr taunt a confrontation and finally Vampiro ducks out of the ring pushing a camera man out of the way. He forces his way through heading to the back and as the credits roll Jr taunts in the ring raising his arms, doing his Zero fear taunt.

vampiro crazy

Just when you think it’s over, we see Vampiro in the bathroom rocking back and forth as he is staring into the mirror. They have these really cool effects playing of Vampiros vocals sped up and slowed down to sound like voices in his head, finally he angers and starts head butting the mirror, he glares at his broken reflection as the show goes off the air.

Wow all i can say is another freaking awesome week, Vampiro is seemingly having a break down, and we got an amazing main event, I have massive respect for Star and Jr working that match the way they did. The Vampiro twist is just good stuff coming off some big shows and this was actually surprising and well done, I expected the to come down a bit but they made up for it with extreme storyline twists and plot progression. Again I hope  everyone is watching this show because it is truly a maser piece, and by gosh the best damn Wrestling show on TV. Well guys I’m keeping it short and sweet this week, I will return next week as always, let me know what you thought of the show!

– Grainbelt Jones