WWE Money in the Bank 2015 Winner…Kofi Kingston?

kofi kingston new day money in the bank 2015


WWE Money in the Bank 2015 is less than two glorious weeks away and with little time for buildup due to Elimination Chamber being added seemingly last minute to the special event the lineup for the card is quickly falling into place. Seven participants in the MitB match for the briefcase containing a contract for a impromptu shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship have already been announced with the promise of more names to be added. So far Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Kane, Kofi Kingston and Neville are set to battle each other in the climb to procure the briefcase.

With the way WWE Raw story lines have been going, seeing Roman Reigns being forced by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to defend his spot in the match three times on the show, which he successfully accomplished against King Barrett, Mark Henry and Ryback, it would appear he is being set up to win the match. There are, however, serious suspicions to believe that another performer may have a reasonable chance to surprise the world and walk out of the Nationwide Arena with the briefcase…Kofi Kingston.

Yes, at this point he would be fortunate to even be considered a dark horse in this bout, with his role largely being utilized for interesting athletic feats in the encounter and nothing more. This may be true, but there are a few questionable factors that when considered make the case that this wild suggestion will become a reality.

Kofi is a current WWE Tag Team Champions in New Day with Big E and Xavier Woods, and while many may feel that him already being occupied with a title will make him less likely to hold the briefcase, it’s rather peculiar that he would even be in the match to begin with for that very reason.

Of course the titles could be defended with Big E and Xavier representing the team, however it still doesn’t explain why Kingston would be involved in an entirely separate match. WWE likes to get as many of their performers as much exposure as possible and whatever match New Day is in would have Kofi involved, leaving an opportunity for another talent to get time on a major pey-per-view special event. So Kofi’s involvement in the MitB match is especially alarming.

Another element that points to Kingston acquiring the coveted briefcase involves him being booked against Brock Lesnar in Tokyo, Japan at The Sumo Hall. The story behind this is that Brock agreed to be part of this event because he was visiting a friend in Japan, Masa Saito at the time so it would be an convenient event to perform at. This would have been Lesnar’s first untelevised match in the WWE since returning a few years ago, but then it was changed to a WWE Network special event.

A NXT Championship match with Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor was announced for the aforementioned show in Japan. Balor was originally set to face Chris Jericho leading many to believe that Jericho would take Kofi’s spot against Lesnar with the event now a special broadcast. This speculation ended up not becoming a reality with Jericho now facing Neville and the Kofi vs Brock match intact.

Sensibly, Kingston vs Lesnar on an untelevised event would simply be a quick showcase for Lesnar, but now it must be built up and promoted on WWE programming as a compelling encounter. Kofi as the 2015 “Mister Money in the Bank” accomplishes elevating him in time for the Supercard to take on the likes of The Beast Incarnate.

With a long history of loyalty and paying his dues, Kofi Kingston is deserving of being in the World Title picture. The New Day faction has plenty of steam at the moment, is considered a top act and could easily provide assistance in the Money in the Bank ladder match as well as the upcoming match with Lesnar.

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