Earth 2 Society #1 Spoilers & Review From DC You: What Happened Post Convergence #8 & DC Comics’ New Earth 2 Batman Strikes!

Building from the DC Comics multiverse redefining Convergence #8 (spoilers here) and the sneak peak to Earth 2 Society #1 (spoilers here) that sets up the new series status quo, comes DC You’s Earth 2 Society #1!

Earth 2 Society #1 spoilers 1 Earth 2 Society #1 spoilers 2

The teaser pages from the issue set up a few things:

  • It has been one year since planetfall and the end of Convergence #8.
  • We saw from the sneak peek that the growth and advancement of this new Earth 2 (formerly Telos) was accelerated by the New Gods’ Genesis Machine. New Gotham City seen in the preview is built from the space armada vessels’ respective fuselage.
  • The new Batman, Earth 2’s Dick Grayson, is prowling and has found his heroic legs.
  • The villain Johnny Sorrow makes his DC You debut and he’s after Terry Sloan.

Spoilers and review for DC Comics’ Earth 2 Society #1 follow.

You have been warned!

Most of the issue is set in the past and focuses on what happened after Convergence #8 and the “current” modern day on Earth 2; one year after Convergence.

Earth 2 Society #1 Spoilers 6 Earth 2 Society #1 Spoilers 7 Earth 2 Society #1 Spoilers 8

There are seemingly 12 cities on Earth 2, so far. Wonder if they’ll have the old city-sate governance structure like old Sparta, etc.? ALthough having an Overwatch seems to indicate some kind of planetary government on new Earth 2; which thanks to Alan Scott, Green Lantern, the Avatar of the Green looks like old Earth 2 excepted less spoiled by humanity.

That history lesson is the meat in the sandwich with the framing pieces, the opening and ending of the book, set in the modern day one year later era on Earth 2!

Earth 2’s new Batman, Dick Grayson, is hunting both villain Johnny Sorrow and Earth 2’s Overwatch-One Terry Sloan! A lot of mystery about who is really after Terry.

Earth 2 Society #1 Spoilers 3 Earth 2 Society #1 Spoilers 4 Earth 2 Society #1 Spoilers 5

Now that all the set-up is out of the way, and the history lesson, really looking forward to Earth 2 Society #2! Although I wonder of the title will have a similar format to CW’s Arrow where we jump from immediately post Convergence #8 in the past to modern day one year later?

So far a compelling debut issue on story and art.

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