Lucha Underground Review/Results 6/10/15



Hey all, you know what time it is, Lucha Underground this week, I’m supper excited for this show, people have been getting “killed” off, yet some of the other characters are manifesting into new ones. Now with that being said, if you need a push in the right direction or a way to catch up, feel free to take at look at past reviews

Now the show’s opening displays to us what seems to be Drago, he has now acquired some wings and feels the need to show them off in front of the Lucha Underground sign, he then jumps from the building into obscurity.

Striker and yes Vampiro starts off the show, (I’m shocked Vampiro is commentating) and he wastes no time to apologizing for his actions last week. Cutting off Striker was a perfect way to add feeling to this segment, and they give a heart felt interaction selling the situation.

Now Dario Cueto is in the ring and cuts a promo on Ultimo Lucha, he is pushing this as their Wrestle Mania, it will be a yearly event where all the top stars will compete on the biggest night for the promotion.

ultimo lucha

Once he concludes his announcement for Ultimo Lucha, we get the return of Blue Demon Jr. I like this and they tied in well that he was the first wrestler to have a match on Lucha Underground, thus a wrestler they can highlight for Ultimo Lucha. After Blue Demon gets his happy entrance with the crowd being fully behind him, Cueto rains on his parade by setting him up in a match. Out comes Chavo as Cueto explains he must make sure Demon doesn’t have ring rust, and they seemingly are re igniting this feud for the evening. However Chavo this time is accompanied by the remaining members of the crew and I have a feeling Chavo is going over with the help of his new friends.  Chavo had taken the last fall, and now that he is a man with new protection and is confronting an unprepared Demon, its clear he has the advantage, plus Cueto adds the stipulation anything goes furthering the fact Demon Jr is in a tight spot.

Match 1 = Blue Demon VS Chavo

Stiff shots for both Lucha’s as we start this bought. Blue shows his strength first but is forced to fight off the interference of Castro and Cisco. All end up on the outside as the numbers game plays a toll and Chavo gets the crew to Jump the face. They begin to rip off his nice clothing and chop the hell out of his exposed chest. As the crew holds down Demon, Chavo taunts hitting Blue with a Kendo stick, this inspired Demon to fight off the crew initiating an attack. Even after the quick flurry Chavo overcomes with sickening shots to the legend with his kendo stick. As the crowd boo’s Chavo and The Crew beat down blue Demon while disrespecting his families legacy, and after taking the up most disrespect, the crew holds Demon down as Chavo hits his frog-splash off the top for the pin 1..2..3

Winner = Chavo Via Help from the Crew.

After the match the heels taunt as poor Demon Jr lays flat on his back, it seems Chavo has quite the confidence with Dario’s protection, we will see how long that protection lasts.

Next we get a video package of Drago looking like Batman, like seriously he has the wings and everything, personally I thought this was the first thing that actually registered as cheesy, I know this is for the young watchers but it was a bit much.


Returning to the show, we now see Chavo apologizing to a locked up Black Lotus. Chavo is explaining that he is sorry but business is business. Lotus responds stating her teacher will not allow him to get away with this, and that Cueto can not protect him form Mexico for long. Adding fuel to the angle Chavo confidently states “after what I did to Blue Demon, no one is Mexico will come after me”. He then exits telling Lotus to enjoy her view.


They really have Drago messed up with these bathroom scenes, I think he has met Cueto in the bathroom each time they have a discussion (see past reviews) and the bathroom saga continues this week. During this exchange Drago states Cueto said anyone has the opportunity to get a chance at getting a shot for the Lucha title. Cueto says yes but reminds Drago he is banned, this angers Drago and as his Christian Bale Batman voice get deeper and deeper, he then battle cries “LET ME FIGHT”. My cheesy level shot up to 9000, but we will give him a pass, it wasn’t over 9000 after all. Cueto then acknowledges the loop hold Drago found and promises him a match, he then states if he loses he leaves the temple again, this time leaving his mask behind.

Aw baby Catrina comes out with her Disciples for the next Trios tag match, I really hope this is becoming a thing because seeing more Catrina is amazing. She is clearly the leader of this Disciple faction and its cool she will valet them, and Mil Muertes.

WHOA YES, Pimpinela is BACK ( I’ve been waiting for this) and she is returning with Mascarita, and a new parter called Bengala. I knew this would happen soon enough and my excitement level just shot through the roof, Pimpinela as a character is just phenomenal and anything she is tied to ends up being a good match.


Match 2 = Pimpinela, Mascarita, and Bengala Vs Catrina’s Disciples

The camera work is amazing as the faces make their way down to the ring, they are really hyping up the crowd dancing as the Disciples look confused. Finally the match starts with Pimpin as she dances for the crowd, this opens up a nice shot for the legal Disciple to begin chops. Pinpinela continues to hold her ground and begins to chop back gaining the upper hand and momentum, then begins doing her provocative gimmick, trying to enforce awkward contact between the other wrestlers and crowd members. Using this time to hype the crowd Pimpin then tags in Bengala as we continue with this match, Bengala holds his ground until the Disciples finally remember they are heels and force a double team situation. They ruthlessly stomp down Bengala as the crowd boo’s, yet both end up selling for Bengala’s come back as the sequence progresses. Bengala then shows his high flying spirit as he jumps off the top rope corkscrewing onto a Disciple below, once he panders for the crowd he tags in Mascarita who walks straight into a beat down of his own. The Disciples then take out Pimpinela along with Bangala and begin a massive assault on Mascarita. This ends up allowing the heels to take monster heat working over each member of the face’s team. Finally Mascarita comes alive and uses his lack of height as an advantage point flipping all around the ring. He dodges 2 Disciples and jumps on the last ones shoulders, playing his head like a bongo for the crowd giving the audience a bit of humor. After a bit of Fun the Disciples of Death return using triple team moves on each individual face, then end up chocking out Pimpinela, the clear monster face with the ring ropes. As Pimpinela is choking on the ropes, Catrina comes into frame and begins licking Pimpinela’s face, commentary puts this over as stealing her soul. Once completed the 2 Disciples drop Pimpinela with a triple face plant garnering the 1..2..3.


Winners = The Disciples of Death

Back to the show Johnny Mundo enters Cueto’s office, he is pissed that Cueto didn’t choose him for the number 1 contenders shot. Cueto promises that he didn’t put Mundo in the match because he plans on Mundo having the title for Ultimo Lucha. This gets interesting because he puts Mundo in a title match with Puma for next week, plus adding that the match is basically an Iron man match. Who ever gets the most submissions or pins falls by the end of show will be Lucha Underground Champion, Ceuto then tells Mundo to release a side of him he’s never seen, Mundo ends the scene by saying Cueto is the best boss he’s ever had.

Next we have our 4 way match for the number 1 contenders shot at Ultimo Lucha, first out comes The Man they call cage, then next out comes King Cuerno who happens to be my personal Favorite. Hernandez makes his presence known by strutting to the ring, and the first person he flaunts to is Cage, again giving me feelings a future feud is brewing. Finally Batman ( I mean Drago) makes his way down to the temple, so lets see who will take this one. (Its obvious it will be that masked crusader).

Match 3 = Cage VS Drago VS Hernandez VS King Cuerno

This match starts off awesome, the small guys go toe to toe as the big guys take their fight to the outside, the camera work does an amazing job balancing between each brawl. Finally after besting Cage on the outside Hernandez comes in and re inserts himself with a shoulder block on Cuerno. He then rids the ring of Drago, and begins hitting power moves on the King strutting for the fans. After working on Cuerno Cage returns and begins his assault on Hernandez, he gets in some nice moves as the other Lucha’s return to the match. Showing they’ve had experience being a tag team, Cage and Cuerno work together taking out the other members of the match. They do some awesome double teams allowing them to take control of the match, and after countering Drago and beating down the big man they look the strongest. As Cage continues to bark orders to Cuerno they begin setting  up going at each other, even though teaming up is working well. This tiff allows Hernandez and Drago to attack Cuerno just before Cage seems to invoke their pending confrontation forcing us to wait. Hernandez then hits a nice pounce out of nowhere on Cage and re takes center stage in the ring, Drago showing his strength also takes out Cuerno allowing Drago and Hernandez to be alone in the ring. After some failed pin attempts Hernandez swings Drago around and throws him like a piece of garbage, as we return to as striker put, “the sub plot” of Cage confronting Cuerno. They again taunt their fight but end up double teaming a returning Drago and Hernandez. After exchanges between all four competitors and  a dive from Drago, we see Hernandez as he sets up for his Superman dive, Cage hits him with a forearm and Irish whips him and in awesome Fashion Hernandez still gets off the dive landing on an unsuspecting Drago and Cuerno. Finally Cage hits a moonsault of his owen, on all below then sets it up for Cuerno to hit his Arrow dive. During Cuerno’s taunt he turns to see Killshot who watching the whole match from above, just as it transpires and Cuerno sends him the message by aiming at Killshot Just before diving to the outside area. After the Chaos settles a bit it’s Drago and Cuerno in the ring alone, Drago spits green goop in the face of Cuerno out of no where and locks him up with one of his crazy pins. He hits the 1..2..3 as the crowd chants welcome back……

Winner = DRAGO

After the match it doesn’t take long for Puma to enter the ring, he stands in the center holding the title as the crowd chants for their Ultimo Lucha main event. It looks as though each competitor is ready for fight for the Lucha gold!!!


We now see Dario looking on from his office as Catrina makes her entrance to his office, she is so sexy in the black wife beaters. Anyway she states Cueto made a mistake not putting Muertes in that four way match. She then attacks Cueto putting him in a arm lockish hold, in a badass fashion she questions why is Cueto in their way of obtaining power. Finally she breaks him down and Cueto makes a match in 2 weeks, Drago VS Muertes for the number 1 contendership of the title.

Show ends…

Well everyone things are continuing to shape up, I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks show, we are almost to the season finale!! Also with the new influx of wrestling on Wednesday I hope you enjoyed Lucha Underground, I will see you next week, but in the mean time tell me what you thought of the show!!!!

– Grainbelt Jones