Throwback Thursday: Tough Enough Throwback – Season 5 Winner

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This season of Tough Enough began on April 4, 2011 on the USA Network. Despite the obvious knowledge amongst the fan base that this show had been done before it was referred to as “Season 1” on the USA Network. Also, despite the similar premise to WWE NXT this season of Tough Enough ran concurrently with the popular WWE show and was not used in conjunction with or as a way to replace it.

Season 5 Winner: Andy Leavine

Sadly, this season didn’t produce any really big names or huge “remember that” moments. One moment a few people may remember was when Ariane Andrew (better known as Cameron) was the first one cut but the only person to go on to sign with WWE. Upon being eliminated and walking out Ariane claimed her favorite WWE match of all time was Melina vs Alicia Fox prompting many snickers and a “who?” from host Stone Cold Steve Austin.

After Andy was announced as the winner he was slapped by Vince McMahon and received a Stone Cold Stunner as a “welcome to the WWE” present.

After that Leavine returned to Florida Championship Wrestling for training but was released from in April 2012.

Since leaving the WWE Leavine has been wrestling for World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico. He has won the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship and, along with Samson Walker defeated Thunder & Lighting to win the WWC Tag Team Championship.

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