Dustin Runnels / WWE’S Goldust & Ex-Wife Terri Runnels / Marlena Break Silence On Passing Of Virgil Runnels / Dusty Rhodes, American Dream. No Word From Cody.

With the news of the passing of Dusty Rhodes / Virgin Runnels at 69 earlier this week many have been waiting for his WWE wrestling sons to publicly comment.

Cody Dusty Dustin Rhodes Goldust

Cody Runnels / Stardust has yet to comment, but his wife, Brandi Rhodes / WWE’s Eden has expressed her condolences. We’ve also now had Cody’s older brother Dustin Runnels / Goldust break his silence on the passing of his dad on his twitter and twitlonger pages.

    Yesterday the greatest man I ever knew passed on. My father who was surrounded by 4 children, my daughter and his wife of 38 yrs. dad was our hero and he personally taught me many lifes lessons. I thank you, the world for the overwhelming amount of love and support for the greatest dad that ever lived. Grab your loved ones and hold tight because you don’t know what you have till it’s gone. I love you dad and I know you are in heaven getting funky like a monkey with th angels. I miss you so much. Dustin Runnels

Below is how that looked across Dustin Runnels / Goldust’s social media.

Goldust on Dusty Rhodes 1 Goldust on Dusty Rhodes 2

In addition, Dustin’s ex-wife Terri Runnels / WWE’s Marlena also commented on Dusty’s passing extending on behalf of herself and daughter Dakota on her twitter.

Goldust and Marlena

    Dusty was many things to many people. My favorite was his role as “Pops” in my daughter’s life! Please pray for Dakota, Dust and the family!

Our condolences continue to be expressed to the family, friends and fans of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes / Virgil Runnels.

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