JR Blog: WWE Money in the Bank PPV 2015 Predictions

Here are my thoughts on tonight’s show:

I’ve got Seth Rollins retaining in a strong match vs Dean Ambrose but if Ambrose does get the upset and a surprising win I can also see Roman Reigns turning on Ambrose and ruining the Ohio native’s moment by cashing in the MITB contract in a very villainous manner. The money with Reigns right now, in my opinion, is as a villain and time will tell if that is the path taken.

I could also see Reigns winning the MITB match and declaring that he will cash in the contract at Wrestlemania Texas to help with the build of both Reigns and the event. In any event. I like the unpredictability of tonight’s show including a fan favorite or a villain winning MITB and Reigns taking exception to that and turning on the winner or being a sore loser. There are always multiple ways to do the right thing creatively in the world of sports entertainment which is why so many of us enjoy following along.

I am not endorsing a Rollins loss but one never knows how things will turn out or where the long term direction of WWE is headed which I perceive as a good thing. I don’t want to know the end of the movie before I see it. I still want to see Lesnar vs. Rollins at Summer Slam with Rollins retaining, Lesnar winning the Royal Rumble setting up a must win, final/final match between Brock and Rollins at Wrestlemania Texas.

That’s another reason why I don’t read the beloved “Jardines’s.”

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