Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE Money in the Bank 2015 PPV (Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose, John Cena vs. Kevin Owens, MITB Ladder Match)

WWE has Money in the Bank 2015 on Sunday June 14, 2015.

What does the Pulse Wrestling crew think will happen on the show? Let’s find out!

WWE World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match
Seth Rollins (c) w/J&J Security vs. Dean Ambrose

CB: Seth Rollins wins with help from somewhere, perhaps even someone fresh outside The Authority.
Winner: Seth Rollins

Spain: I have such hopes for this match, and not just because it’s Rollins and Ambrose in a fucking ladder match. Rollins finally, hopefully, has to be out there all on his lonesome, and I think he is going to rise to the occasion and be the absolute badass that he can be. Ambrose, naturally, will be in his element in this match, but I’m expecting that Rollins will prove that he does, in fact, not need the Authority after all.
Winner (and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion): Seth Rollins.

Pat Metalhead : I would like for Ambrose to win here, I really would, if only to « crazy » things up at the top (and because he deserves it), but, With Lesnar’s impending return, I just don’t see that happening. An Ambrose win with a immediate cash-in is a (remote) possibility, but I think Rollins vs Lesnar for the WWE title at Summerslam is set in stone. I do expect a good match between those two, hopefulyy without too many extras. Let them finally have the match we all know they can have.
Winner : Rollins

Paltrowitz – The pay-per-view finishes have been screwy since The Authority began dominating the main event, but I think it is clear to the WWE that Dean Ambrose is needed as the top guy, even if only for a little while.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

John Turnbull – Should be a good match with both men working hard to secure their spots at the top of the card. I can see Ambrose hitting the dirty deeds and J&J interfering to give Rollins the win.
Winner: Rollins

Widro – I think they are sticking with Rollins as champ, should be a screwy ending.
Winner: Rollins

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

CB: Can Owens win again? I think so. Will he? I also think so.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Spain: I hope like hell that I’m wrong about this, but I have a feeling that Cena takes the win here. It’s not even a terrible choice, considering that Owens put Cena down a fortnight ago; I imagine that this is going to have some kind of epic conclusion with a third match, and that’s when I’ll start getting nervous. Cena beats Owens in another great match, putting another dynamic in play for this story.
Winner: John Cena

Pat Metalhead : Many expect Cena to get his win back here, but I happen to think WWE is smart enough to realize that wouldn’t achieve anything. Have Owens win again, gives them the opportunity to assault us with Cena drama and to promote the big match they want at Summerslam. Is this match even necessary two weeks after the first ? Of course not, but that’s WWE for you. A Cena DQ win is very probable her, but I go with Owens with enough controversy to warrant a re-match.
Winner : Owens

Paltrowitz – If John Cena loses two in a row, then this feud cannot continue and drag to the point that we’re sick of it. Therefore, Kevin Owens can’t take two in a row.
Winner: John Cena

John Turnbull – This should be an interesting one, with Cena seemingly willing to put over the younger talent, but the spectre of super-Cena looming over the match like a dark cloud. Owens needs to go over to maintain his monster heel momentum, particularly with Rusev on the shelf and Kane a shade of his former self.
Winner: Owens

Widro – I think this has been a great storyline so far and Owens has looked like a big star. I think this will be a DQ ending with Cena “winning”
Winner: Cena

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Neville vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus vs. Kane

CB: I’d LOVE to see Kofi win, but it’ll be Reigns, obviously.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Spain: Bravo, WWE, for making a very interesting puzzle. Almost every competitor in this match has a good argument behind them winning the briefcase (apart from Kane, who’s in there to block Reigns anyhow). Neville has a year before he needs to cash in, and he could enough in a year. Orton and Sheamus would be fine if unimaginative choices. Kofi would actually be quite interesting, if the New Day’s talk of sharing the contract means precisely anything at all. Ziggler has done it before, did it well, and never got the chance to appreciate the rewards of cashing in. Roman is the most obvious choice, but I can’t see the point unless he uses the briefcase to arrange a match in advance and, in which case, why give him the briefcase? As I’ve said, it’s a very interesting selection, and so I’m going to take a wild guess and pick Dolph.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Pat Metalhead : Here is where I went crazy in the TRA Open. All say Reings. It’s probably gonna be Reigns. But I want to have fun every once in awhile with these predictions so I go with Lesnar. Not in the match you will say ? Well we’ve seen crazier things. Ziggler, Neville and Kingston are there for the stunts, Orton, Kane and Sheamus gain little by winning, so yeah it’s gonna be Reigns. But I’m still going for lesnar.
Winner : Lesnar

Paltrowitz – We can assume that Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton and Kane are all too “established” to win this. Neville wouldn’t look right with a suitcase. Roman Reigns doesn’t need a title to be near the top of the card, or to sell a “Shield rematch” sort of Wrestlemania main event. I’m, unfortunately, assuming that Sheamus wins this match, but I’d love to see Kofi Kingston win and attempt to do the “Freebird Rule” with the briefcase.
Winner: Sheamus

John Turnbull – To be honest I really don’t have much interest in this match, except that it should be good for a couple of high spots out of Neville and Kofi. There has been a lot of speculation that Kofi might walk away with this one to give New Day an even more dominant position, but I think the ending is a little more obvious…
Winner: Reigns

Widro – Based on how WWE booking has been going, I think Kane wins here as another piece in the ongoing Rollins/Authority stuff
Winner: Kane

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
New Day vs. The Prime Time Players

CB: Newwwww Dayyyyyyy
Winner: New Day

Spain: Hey, kudos for the Prime Time Players for bringing it back. And I hope they get a chance to hold the belts in the future, because they should get them. But the New Day isn’t spent just yet, especially not if I’m wrong and Kingston somehow gets the briefcase. I envision another few months of this wonderfully annoying title reign.
Winners (and still the WWE Tag Team Champions): The New Day

Pat metalhead : It’s a good thing that WWE has given more attention to the tag team titles recently, and PTP certainly have their place there, but New Day loosing would achieve nothing. They’ve been fun and rather effective in their roles, so I’m guessing they’ll keep the belts on them, and then start the build-up for whomever is in line for Summerslam.
Winner : New Day

Paltrowitz – To me, this has potential to be the match of the night. Even if a few of the participants are shoddy in the ring, the mic skills and charisma are there. New Day are incredible as heels, and seeing how Kofi is wrestling Brock Lesnar on his first house show in over 10 years, I can’t see New Day losing the belts.
Winner: New Day

John Turnbull – The Players have been looking dominant in the lead up to the PPV, but New Day are doing too well with the titles to take them away now.
Winner: New Day

Widro – It’s been good to see the tag division get some attention lately, but I don’t think we’ll see a title change here.
Winner: New Day

WWE Diva’s Title Match
Nikki Bella (c) vs. Paige

CB: Anyone else think they are keeping the title on Nikki so she can break AJ’s record? I do.
Winner: Nikki Bella

Spain: I get the feeling that this is going to be a title change. Partly because I’m not calling any others tonight, and also because it seems like Paige has reached the point of having to back up what she’s saying or it never meant anything. We know she can hold the belt and have good matches, and Nikki will always be able to take it back in the future when they need a heel champ for the Divas. But I think Paige gets another title reign to add to the growing list.
Winner (and the new WWE Diva’s Champion): Paige

Pat Metalhead : Nikki Bella. Sigh. And also… No actually that’s all I got on this one.
Winner : Nikki Bella

Paltrowitz – Strangely, neither diva in this match has been established as a heel, although I’m counting on another Paige heel turn. Paige is great, though, heel or babyface. If she wins, hopefully we will start to see some of the NXT Divas brought up to the main roster soon.
Winner: Paige

John Turnbull – If the winner is based on who you are dating, then Nikki Bella will go over and continue to irritate anyone who know anything about wrestling. I’m hoping that talent might actually play a small part in the outcome…
Winner: Paige

Widro – WWE is intent on making sure the worthless Bella Twins are huge stars and overtake AJ Lee’s long reign as champ.
Winner: Bella

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Ryback (c) vs. Big Show

CB: The Big Guy will feed on the Big Show.
Winner: Ryback

Spain: This one is fairly paint-by-numbers. Ryback’s just got the belt, so he can’t lose it right now. Big Show is a smart opponent for the Big Guy to show off his strength, and it’s not like another loss is going to hurt Show at this point. Great victory for the new champ.
Winner (and still Intercontinental Champion): Ryback

Pat Metalhead : Big man stuff, Ryback shell-shocks Big Show, match over. I don’t expect much here, but, who knows, they can always surprise us with an above average big man match.
Winner : Ryback

Paltrowitz – It has taken Ryback quite a while to get a singles title run. It doesn’t make sense why he is being put with Big Show, since we already know how BIG Ryback is. Big Show needs a reboot of some sort.
Winner: Ryback

John Turnbull – With Ryback’s reputation for being clumsy in the ring combined with the Big Show’s declining mobility, this has the potential to be a Goldberg/Lesnar sized farce.
Winner: Ryback

Widro – This should be a real stinker
Winner: Ryback

Kick-off Match
King Barrett vs. R-Truth

CB: The Truth hurts.
Winner: R-Truth

Spain: There’s being King of the Ring, and then there’s losing to R-Truth. You just can’t do that to a guy. I mean…come on.
Winner: King Barrett

Pat Metalhead : Why would those two even be fighting ? Oh yes it’s WWE, never mind, forget I asked. Barrett obviously since R-Truth is going to forget he lost by next Monday anyway.
Winner : Barrett

Paltrowitz – I’m not sure what the purpose of this match is, or why King Barrett has been pushed so far down the card again. Either way, they need to re-establish Barrett as a tough heel.
Winner: King Barrett

John Turnbull – Barrett has failed to set the world on fire as King, but I can’t see him losing to R-Truth at this point.
Winner: Barrett

Widro – The part of Raw where R-Truth came out as part of the Money in the Bank then had to be corrected was the best comedy on WWE in 2015.
Winner: Barrett

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