DVD Review: Let’s Learn S.T.E.M., Wallykazam! & Team Umizoomi Meet Shark Car!

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Josie is excited at more DVD from Nickelodeon. The collections include a dip into S.T.E.M., her favorite mini-pals with a fierce ride, a new favorite fairy critter and those turtles that are eternal teenagers.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Retreat! contains seven episodes from the latest CGI series airing on Nickelodeon. The start of the third season sees the four turtles fleeing New York City. They’re hiding out in a farmhouse while plotting their return against Kraang. They’re not sure how to proceed with Splinter gone. Things get weird since they encounter Bigfoot, punk frogs and Dream Beavers. The bonus features are “Mutations of a Scene” for all the episodes.
Wallykazam! is the latest creation on Nickelodeon. Wally Trollman is a troll who can make magic out of words and his powerful stick. It helps that he lives in a fairytale world. He has a pet dragon named Norville. The true star is Bobgoblin, the menacing goblin who will mess things up since he’s a goblin. This collection has four episodes including “Naptime for Borgelorp,” “Castle Caper,” “Victor the Villain” and “The Switching Stone.”

Nickelodeon Let’s Learn S.T.E.M. explores a concept that will hit you when your kid gets ready for kindergarten. Seems like all elementary schools like to push S.T.E.M. which means Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This selection of Nick Jr. shows exhibit tales that are about addition, machines and applications. Even the Bubble Guppies get in on the action as they construct a building. Blue’s Clues point towards Contraptions. Blaze and the Monster Machines explain how tools can duel. Paw Patrol save more than their usual share of savable people. Team Umizoomi gets mythical with “Let’s Play Math Dragons.” Overall it’s a good way to get a preschooler interested in what the educational elements that will be the theme for their next six years of school.


Team Umizoomi Meet Shark Car! presents the coolest car since the Batmobile. How can you top a car that’s also part shark? Was that even a Transformer? The Umizoomi trio must unite the Shark Car with the boy that lost his favorite moving toy. The collection has three more toy related episodes including “Umi Toy Store,” “Stompasaurus” and “Lost and Found Toys.” The show is a great way to get kids to understand shapes and patterns which will dictate a lot of their education over the next few years.

Here’s Josie’s review of the four releases:

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