JR Blog: WWE Money in the Bank 2015 PPV Thoughts, Kevin Owens, John Cena, Bray Wyatt

Jim Ross had a new blog recapping Money in the Bank 2015, here are some highlights

on the MITB match
Not discounting the efforts of the MITB match which started the show the match seemed to be average plus and was largely a stunt man show with the stunts being toned down for a safer environment. I was surprised that Sheamus won the MITB and am curious to see where Sheamus’ win takes us. The MITB is another illustration of how hard it is to execute specialty matches like the Elimination Chamber, Hell in a Cell, and now MITB in a safer, more PG friendly presentation. At some point, the stunts will become repetitive and less impactful to a highly discerning audience.

on Bray Wyatt
Good seeing Bray Wyatt on the show and it will be him wrestling Roman Reigns going forward for the next several weeks or so it seems. Wyatt is ‘this close” to being a significant, character fan favorite. Wyatt is really going to have to turn up the villain tendencies to help Reigns grow a a fan favorite.

on Cena-Owens
Loved the Cena-Owens match including Cena winning but the post match action was the highlight for me especially Owens’ aggression, Cena’s selling and Owens’ manically laughing. Owens losing but leaving with all the heat was a good scenario IMO. What will people remember most about this match? I say it was the post match villainous conduct of Owens. Good execution of this match in many phases especially the post match. oth men busted their ass to deliver and they did.

on WWE World Title match
Liked the physicality of the WWE World Title match in a match where the talents took some ridiculous risks. Hope no one is hurt over this match. Lucky if not. Might have been too much at times because there’s a difference in having guts/courage and the art of selling. I endorse that Rollins is still the champion and the close, photo finish gives the WWE a valid, return match for the live events between two men who have solid chemistry. I did enjoy Rollins trying to destroy Ambrose’s leg so that Dean couldn’t climb the ladder. Bravo to both men for their efforts and for putting their bodies at significant risk but I hope that they tone it down a bit going forward. Proud of both men for their desire to steal the show.

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