Metalhead’s Thoughts: WWE Money in the Bank 2015 PPV (MITB Ladder Match, Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens, John Cena, Prime Time Players)

Well, that was… Actually I don’t know what that was but I’m gonna talk about it anyway.

– It’s not that I don’t want R-Truth to win on occasion, in this case I didn’t really care one way or the other (Except for the TRA Open points of course), but, I need someone to explain something to me. What was the point in resurrecting the King of the Ring gimmick and have Barrett win the whole thing? Just to come to this? R-Truth won, doesn’t change anything, Barrett lost, just makes him look that much more of a joke. Not a bad match but utterly pointless on all levels.

– The MitB ladder match wasn’t bad to be fair. It did have the usual shortcomings of these kind of matches (now it’s your turn to wake up from your nap at ringside, now it’s my turn), but overall it was certainly watchable. They kept things simple, had the obligatory big spots (Orton’s RKO on Neville was fun, the Reigns dive was impressive and so on), so certainly an improvement on the EC matches for example. And then came the finish. Wyatt intervenes on Reigns allowing Sheamus to take the briefcase. Really? Sheamus??? Not that I dislike the Celtic Warrior but they might as well have Kane win this, it would actually have made more sense. So now we have heel Sheamus who’s probably gonna sit on the briefcase until a face champ come around (Sheamus/Lesnar after Summerslam? Brrrrr), and, of course, the Wyatt/Reigns feud. Wyatt has achieved nothing in recent times and if WWE is counting on him to have everybody finally cheering Reigns they hare as clueless as everybody thinks they are. All that is likely to be achieved here is to kill off the little momentum Reigns had thanks to Ambrose. VERY strange booking decisions there. Aside from that Neville and Kingston entered a good if pointless performance, Orton did the same he always does and Ziggler, ermh, was he even in there? I don’t remember.

– To be fair, good effort from both Nicky and Paige I must say, back to basics with some good spots, this was an improvement on some of their previous efforts. Of course they had to ruin that with the “Twin Magic” finish, and, with the ridiculous sight of Brie Bella taking stuffing out of her bra to prove she wasn’t Nicky. Commentary said it best, wasn’t there a DQ there somewhere? Well yeah, the guy who’s booking this needs to be disqualified. Nicky ended up pinning Paige “clean” while the rest of the No Direction crew looked on.

– And Big Show vs Ryback is next. Yeay.

– And yet another screw-job finish, Miz interferes after being trowed around a bit by Ryback, DQ and Miz inserts himself in the IC Title picture. Nothing match really, big Show lumbers around, Ryback couldn’t hope to carry this one and we’ll be getting more of the same until battleground rolls around.

– And then the until now rather boring MitB made a U-turn with Owens/Cena. First of all let me point out how great chemistry these two have. Even Cena seems completely reinvigorated and goes out of his way to freshen up his in-ring act. Both go all out to have the best match possible and Cena actually seems to have fun against Owens. It still Cena of course, he’ll never be called the greatest wrestler in the world, but hey, he’s been looking a lot better in these last two matches. Owens on his side continue to be the most effective character/wrestler on the roster, bar none. The finish is, once again, in question here, but it’s probably a bit more ambiguous this time around. The question is not if Cena had to win at some point, since this obviously is going to be a long feud, that was more or less inevitable. But just two weeks after Owens won just takes a lot out of the impact of that win. A that’s a shame. In fact, as said before, the mistake here was made before MitB even started with the decision to have the re-match only two weeks after EC. But OK, the feud still works, the post-match angle certainly emphasized that. but slow down , WWE, you have all the time in the world with those two, nothing wrong with making us wait for it a little bit.

– The New Day crew have been entertaining against all odds, so I was expecting them to retain. That being said having the PTP win here probably isn’t such a bad move. They have delivered some good stuff also so a feud between PTP and New day might give us a lot of fun. Besides, with Kidd out of action they don’t have that much of a choice. Thinking about it, the fact that the New Day, usually managing to retain with shenanigans and strength in numbers, looses the titles the first time there are only two of them isn’t bad thinking. Fun match.

– And finally the main event. I wasn’t that much into it to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, both did well, but we’ve seen basically the same thing from Rollins and Ambrose for awhile now, and this simply wasn’t the match where they stepped it up a notch or two. Add to that the fact that nobody really believed in an Ambrose win and the clean finish was almost anti-climatic.  The falling down while both held the belt thing didn’t really work for me either. Do check out Ambrose post-show promo, you can watch it here:


Another PPV, same questions as always about booking. I mean what’s even the point of having so many PPV’s? Ah well.




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