Forever Heel: MitB, Miz Love, and Dusty Heel Facts PLUS Wrestling’s Top 5 All Time Kings and Queens

So instead of writing a smartass column complaining about “This Business”, I thought I’d talk about last night’s PPV, and look at the uniquely heel side of Dusty Rhodes.

I enjoyed Money in the Bank. I thought that Bray was interfering in the MitB match itself because we wanted the briefcase? I would’ve liked it if he just took it. I thought he could be so creepy that the Authority would just let him have it. Sheamus seems like just as good a winner as anyone? I know most people assumed Roman would win, but wanted Ziggler to win. I wouldn’t have minded that.

Kevin Owens lost to Cena. We knew the outcome, but I liked this match better. I liked the outcome. Cena won, but was injured badly, Owens keeps his heat. Although you could have Owens be pinned by a baby, and he’d look formidable. His look is unique, and reminds me of Vader. He just needs to face Seth, and it will be like Sting Vs Vader…or not?

My main man, The Miz, gave an awesome promo on the way to the ring. He told those Ohio hayseeds the truth. If you’re not in L.A., or New York, you don’t matter. Which is true, and why Miz is the greatest athlete to come out of Ohio. He also shops at H&M, which is always a plus.

Miz was the best part of the Big Show Vs Ryback match. Big Show deserves to not win the IC belt because I don’t like Big Show matches. If he gets the Intercontinental Championship, he’ll be wrestling more, and I’ll have to speed through even more of Raw.

I have a message for PTP, “Give New Day their titles back!” NEW DAY ROCKS!

I haven’t seen how the Bellahs pull off “Twin Magic”, it was pretty good. The match was fine, and this Bellahs Vs the Total Divas shoot fest needs to end. I’m way too confused. There’s also the fact that fans think Total Divas shows the real side of the WWE Divas, and the fans get all misogynistic and cranky.

I’m okay with the main event outcome. I was hoping a velociraptor would cost Ambrose the belt, but having Frankenstein interfere works too. Okay I didn’t see the main event.

Now here’s some quick heel facts about Dusty Rhodes.

1) He joined the NWO in 1997 to be the pro-NWO commentator. WCW never actually had pro-NWO commentators. Dusty would’ve been it, and would cover WCW Saturday Night. He would also commentate whenever an NWO guy wrestled on Nitro. It didn’t happen like that, but we saw some commentary on a few Nitro matches, but he was never on WCW SN.

Aside from being the almost voice of the NWO, Dusty was also the only heel host of Raw. He turned on Cena to help Cody Rhodes, Legacy. He’d also turn on Rey Mysterio, to help Cody again.

Top Kings and Queens

5) King Haiku

4) Queen Sherry

3)King Bookah

2) Macho King Randy Savage

1) Jerry Lawler

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