Pull List Roundtable – 6/17/2015 – Secret Wars, Justice League Of America #1, Bloodshot Reborn #3 & More (Spoilers)

Jame Fulton

  • Black Canary #1 – I loved the way Dinah was portrayed in the DCU during Gail Simone’s tenure on Birds of Prey, but at the same time, am really excited to see this new take on her, which looks like a mash-up of Dazzler, Scott Pilgrim, and, spiritually, Batgirl. Annie Wu’s art is great, and I love that this book is coming from DC.

  • Alex + Ada #15 – I’ve been a fan of the Luna Brothers for a while now, but even still, I was surprised by how good this series (by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn) was. It’s a very thoughtful, sensitive look at love between a human and a sentient robot, in a time that doesn’t allow such a thing. This is the last issue of the series, and I imagine it’s going to end sadly, but beautifully.

  • Stumptown #6 – I’m always happy to see a new arc of this series (this is technically the fourth, because there were two mini-series before this became an ongoing). Greg Rucka has made the town of Portland Oregon a very important character in his P.I. series, and that makes this book stand out.

  • Thors #1 – I’m not buying very many Secret Wars tie-ins, but I like the way Jonathan Hickman has transmogrified Thor into the police force of Battleworld, and think that this series, by Jason Aaron and the excellent Chris Sprouse could be pretty interesting.

  • Doctor Fate #1 – I am a big fan of Sonny Liew’s art (Malinky Robot was awesome), but I don’t really see him as being Big Two superhero material. I’d have put this series, which once again revives Dr. Fate, on my pull-list immediately, but I’ve become pretty wary of Paul Levitz’s writing over the last five years. I’m going to check this issue out though, and have high hopes for it.

Alexander Lucard

Six comics this week. Some I originally planned to pick up were removed from my pull list thanks to the DC sneak previews. Dr. Fate’s writing seemed poor and the art in Black Canary had the worst looking Dinah I’ve ever seen. So yay for saving money.

  • Archie Vs. Predator #3. This is surprisingly good with a lot of OMG moments. Last issue had Sabrina vs a Predator in a shockingly gruesome battle. Not to mention Kevin Keller, Moose, Reggie and Chuck being ripped apart.It’ll be interesting to see who survives this one.

  • Bloodshot Reborn #3. This has been a weird series to say the least. I’m still not sure if I like it or not. I’ll fionish the first arc out of morbid curiosity and then we’ll see if I continue to pick it up.

  • Groo Friends & Foes #6. This issue has Sage. I always love those issues. I’m glad to see Groo doing well in 2015. Such a fun character.

  • Harley Quinn & Power Girl #1. It’s a mini-series and Harley has been one of the cutest, most amusing series DC has put out in a long time. I’m willing to give this one a chance.

  • Ivar. Timewalker #6. The whole family reunites for a crazy battle at the end of everything. Great writing with a lot of comedy. In fact, everything in my list so far has been some what comedic this week. Interesting.

  • X-O Manowar #37. GRIMDARK. Well, that breaks the streak of comedy. This should be an insane battle with a lot of death. A good climatic end to an arc right before the wedding issue.

Mike Maillaro

  • WORLDS UNITE – This year’s Mega Man/Sonic crossover has been odd at times, since quite a bit of the story has said you need to read “WORLDS UNITE BATTLES #1” to follow what’s going on. Thankfully that is finally coming out this week (along with MEGA MAN #50). I do love a lot of the twists in this story, like Mega Man and Sonic both being taken out of action real early, and the Sonic Boom reality being involved too.

  • SECRET WARS – Marvel has done a great job showing some real diversity in their publishing line with SECRET WARS. For this week, I am most looking forward to SQUADRON SINISTER, RUNAWAYS, THORS, and OLD MAN LOGAN. I am also looking forward to MS MARVEL, which is typically my favorite Marvel series, though many of the Last Days books have left me flat so far.

  • SECRET SIX #3 – We reviewed the first issue of SECRET SIX back in December…and issue 3 is just coming out now. It’s been real hard to get any traction on this series because of the late releases and the crazy content of the book. I barely remember what happened in the first two issues at this point. It would be like trying to watch LOST by watching one episode every other month for 20 years.

  • PREZ #1 – I will admit, the preview for PREZ didn’t quite blow me away, but I am still looking forward to this book. The concept for PREZ allows for a lot of political commentary, and we are definitely living in a time that is ripe for it. I am real curious why they didn’t just use the PREZ universe that showed up in MULTIVERSITY.

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 – Bryan Hitch writing and drawing JUSTICE LEAGUE!! This should be a great comic! I am a little bothered by the $6 cover price on this issue. I think this is a bad way to bring in potential new readers. I know it’s easy to be cynical and say “there are no new readers to bring in,” but if I believed that for a second, I would not waste my time writing these columns.

  • DEATHLOK #9 – You hear literally nothing about DEATHLOK. It is a strong series, but there is no marketing push behind it at all. I am genuinely shocked every time a new issue comes out, because I just assume it had to have been cancelled by now. Glad it hasn’t been, but am I the only person reading it?

  • X-O MANOWAR #37 – Last week’s 25th anniversary gave us some insight into the X-O armor we’ve never seen before. X-O is typically a great series anyway, but that issue really gave it a nice jolt in the arm. I wonder if we will see more of that story at some point or was it just a special treat for the anniversary.

  • IVAR TIMEWALKER #6 – And the worst brother of the year away goes to IVAR. Last issue, he tricked his brothers into helping him rescue a damsel in distress…making promises he seems to have no intention of keeping. IVAR has been a real fun series, and it’s great to see Eternal Warrior and Armstrong in this arc.

  • ROBIN SON OF BATMAN #1 – This was another book that I was looking forward to that I didn’t think the preview did it any favors. BATMAN AND ROBIN was one of my favorite titles, and I’m just not sure ROBIN is going to be able to hold my interest.

John Babos

  • I’ll be getting 8 or 9 books this week.

  • Bloodshot Reborn #3 – What’s not like about writer Jeff Lemire’s take on Bloodshot? Nothing. It’s all amazing. Add to that the awesome art of Mico Suayan and you have a really solid comic book.

  • Dr. Fate #1 – Curious about DC You’s latest Dr. Fate. I was a fan of the recent Earth 2 iteration. I like writer Paul Levitz, but jury is out on the more stylized art of Sonny Liew.

  • Ivar Timewalker #6 – This issue looks to include Ivar’s immortal brothers Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, and Aram, Armstrong. Looks to be another fun read from writer Fred Van Lente and up-and-coming artist Francis Portela.

  • Justice League of America #1 – I’m curious about writer-artist Bryan Hitch’s interpretation of the JLA. I was a fan of his Authority years with Warren Ellis at Wildstorm.

  • Robin: Son of Batman #1 – I’m a fan of artist Patrick Gleason’s art for years. His collaborations with Peter Tomasi have been instant classic for me. I’m curious how this new Robin series will be with Gleason as writer-artist. I have to say with the ending to the pre-Convergence Batman and Robin series, I really need a hook with this debut issues to keep on monthly. I was hoping it would feature a super-powered Damian Wayne as Robin; that doesn’t appear to be the case from how B&R ended pre-DC You.

  • Secret Six #3 – I really want to support this series, but this issue has been woefully late. I’m iffy on whether I’ll be picking up.

  • Sinestro #12 – This is probably one of my fave DC Comics now DC You series. Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Brad Walker make a potent creative combo. With the Green Lantern Corps lost somewhere in the multiverse, it’ll be interesting how the Yellow Lantern Corps fits into the new DCU.

  • Squadron Sinister #1 – This is the only Secret Wars tie-in I’m reading beyond the core SW mini-series. Perhaps it’s because the Squadron Supreme are Marvel’s Justice League? Is this Sinister version their Crime Syndicate? Regardless, CW Arrow Marc Guggenheim as writer and veteran Carlos Pacheco on art promises big things and will explore nooks in the Marvel multiverse that even includes Roger Stern and John Byrne’s Marvel Lost Generation among many others. Looks to be an epic mini-series.

  • Superman / Wonder Woman #18 – Really enjoying writer Peter Tomasi’s take on DC’s biggest lovebird icons. Artist Doug Mahnke is also a regular collaborator of Tomasi’s which makes their run on S/W must-read.

Maillaro: I have to tell you, Babos you are definitely missing out. The tie-ins are the best part of Secret Wars. So many great titles! Sure there are some stinkers, but Marvel needs to do a lot more unique books like Where Monsters Dwell and Weirdworld.

Babos:  I really wasn’t into the premises for all the other mini’s or one-shots. Sorry. I’m quite frankly not liking the core SW mini either, but it has flashes of interesting, fun bits. Thors seemed interesting until I realized they were Battlworld’s police force. Eh. Pass.  I was tempted by the James Robinson written mini’s, but the artists didn’t appeal to me.

Maillaro: That’s the thing, most of the comics don’t really fit the “premise” they seem to. Lots of cool little surprises. I wasn’t expecting much, and pretty much bought most of them just to do my Front Lines column…but I was surprised by a lot of them

Babos: Marvel also recently said their All-New All-Different Marvel isn’t a reboot, but the same old universe with some additions. Well, I see the pre-SW Hyperion in their teaser yet he’s not a lead in Squadron Sinister presumably, so do any of these SW mini’s “matter”? Just Marvel’s Elseworlds (pre-Convergence )?

I’m glad you’re liking them, but I’d rather wait till SW is over and start reading series that “count” and are good. My hope is that Squadron Sinister survives into the ANAD Marvel.

Maillaro: Nah, I get where you’re coming from, but just because a series “doesn’t count” doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it for what it is. Hell, Starman doesn’t count in current DC continuity. Not to mention Kingdom Come, Impulse, Young Justice, etc.

Babos: I also think that when you read a book adds context to the read. So, knowing it counts adds something to the shared reading experience involving other titles. However, when I reread YJ or Starman today, I know they’re from a bygone Era; easier to have a self-contained read. Same with when I read my DC Archives of All Star Comics, etc. I hope that makes sense.

For the record, I didn’t read all the Convergence tie-ins either.

Paul Miranda

  • Almost two dozen reads. Looks about right given DC YOU week 3 and week 6 (of 23?/24?) for SECRET WARS. At least I’ve thrown in one indie and two great tastes that shouldn’t go great together :-@

  • ARCHIE vs. PREDATOR #3 (of 4)
  • CAPTAIN CANUCK #2An offbeat pairing and Canada’s own super-hero! Both have my stamp of approval!

  • BLACK CANARY {2nd Series} #1
  • DOOMED #1
  • DR. FATE #1
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICA {4th Series} #1
  • MARTIAN MANHUNTER {2nd Series} #1
  • PREZ {2nd Series} #1
  • SINESTRO #12

An octet of mint/minted/minty books! Until they are touched ;-P Also, four more continuing titles to make it an even dozen. I wanna hear Dinah optimize her voice by belting out lyrics. I wanna see her bust some moves (and some heads) while she’s at it. HQ gets a co-starring feature with PG. Say hello to the female Odd Couple! You know the world has turned upside when a teenage girl becomes POTUS. No offence meant. Lastly, Diana is super-heroine number one. I’m super-curious as to the costume change.

  • SENSATION COMICS feat. WONDER WOMAN #11 – More wonderful goodness with my main squeeze.
  • MAGNETO #19
  • Ms. MARVEL #16
  • THORS #1
    Only three premieres? Marvel is slacking this week! OML is a modern classic and a more-than-worthy successor to the original story. Fan faves Runaways keep on the lam. The SSQ [not Suicide Squad] should prove interesting with its no-nonsense approach to policing the world. Doom’s elite enforcers and potent police are probed further. How many of them will be examined?