JR Blog: WWE Monday Night Raw Thoughts, Kevin Owens, Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman, Dusty Rhodes, Wyatt vs. Reigns

Jim Ross checked in with a post-Raw blog, here are some highlights

on Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman
This Raw had a good beginning, a viable middle and a great close with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman returning to confront WWE World Champion Seth Rollins. To ever do a ‘great’ three hour TV Wrestling show is going to be challenging but this show definitely had its moments and took a nice step toward the next WWE PV which is, luckily, four weeks away.

on Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens had a memorable night but his power bombing rapper Machine Gun Kelly seemed to be enjoyed and not jeered by the live audience. Nonetheless, @FightOwensFight is making positive strides to become WWE’s top villain. I hope that he succeeds. He’s a throwback in many ways and I enjoy him not trying to be a “cool villain.”

on Dusty Rhodes
The WWE team is to be commended for the production of the Dusty Rhodes tribute that aired on the WWE Network after RAW. It was moving and stellar and a loving tribute to my late friend of over 30 years. I still remember when Dream and Andre came into Mid South on Christmas night in 1978 and won the US Tag titles beating Ernie Ladd and Stan Hansen in the finals of the tournament. No one thought the two, massive stars from outside the territory would leave as champions but owner Cowboy Bill Watts shocked the fans that night in New Orleans in the Superdome. A month later the titles were declared vacant due to ‘prior commitments’ keeping the champions from defending the titles in 30 days. BTW…Ladd and Hansen defeated Jack and Jerry Brisco on the way to the finals.

on Wyatt vs. Reigns
My guess is that when Wyatt vs. Reigns happens on the road that the crowd will be significantly divided. Both men then are swimming up stream. Still think a well timed turn by Reigns would help him in the long haul and that Bray Wyatt still feels like he would be a valuable, character fan favorite.

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