Neville Talks About Moving from NXT to WWE, NXT’s Rise as a Brand, Red Arrow Finisher


Neville spoke with Ring Rust Radio for a new interview. Check out the highlights:

On moving from NXT to WWE: “I think NXT prepared me for Raw and Smackdown more than I ever could have hoped for. I was with NXT for about two years, so by the time I debuted on Raw I felt very much ready. There was a level of concern but I was lucky in the sense that I got the chance to wrestle some of the top guys early on. Guys like Seth Rollins, Sheamus, and more recently John Cena. So it was a concern that I wouldn’t get those types of opportunities when I came in but I was fortunate enough to get them and grab them. I was very happy in the way I transferred and the opportunities I got.”

On the indies changing wrestling: “The landscape is completely changing and I love it. The way things are working out and the opportunities people I grew up with are getting. I feel the independent scene is important and it fueled my passion for four years. It taught me the life lessons that helped make me who I am today and helped me on the path I followed to living my dream job every day. The independent scene is hugely important and the roads you travel in it shape you. My career path is the best I could have hoped for and that’s thanks to independent wrestling and territories across the world.”

On NXT’s rise as a brand: “You know I think it does a lot for the brand but I feel like the NXT brand became its own thing by itself. You have to watch the NXT shows to realize the depth of talent the NXT brand has compared to Raw and SmackDown. That’s a real testimony to the guys and girls at NXT. It shows how hard they work to put on such a great product that it’s become its own brand. It’s now becoming more heavily featured on Raw and SmackDown, I think that is just awesome.”

On the Red Arrow: “The Red Arrow took a long time to come together and I wanted to make a move that was unique to myself. It’s a move I built up with building blocks. I wanted to do a corkscrew moonsault backwards, so I had the idea of doing it forwards like the shooting star corkscrew, and I was aware no one else did that in wrestling. If I could perfect this technique it would be unique to me. So it took a long time and me putting these building blocks together and had to come over the fear involved. Eventually, I nailed it and knew it was going to be my own. It’s been my move now for a long time, about six or seven years now I’ve been using the red arrow.”