Rabblecast 406 – Dusty Rhodes, Christopher Lee, Money In The Bank and Much More!

This week’s episode is a great example of an episode that had a prior layout, but due to current events and the passing of a few entertainers, everything was thrown out the window. Well, maybe not everything. This episode could almost be considered a two-for-one.

We do a quick recap of WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV and weigh in on some of the match results. This most recent PPV being the third PPV in six weeks on the WWE Network. We also report on the passing of WWE Superstar/NXT Trainer, Dusty Rhodes(real name Virgil Runnels), Christopher Lee, and other notable deaths in the past week.

From there, the show continues into a general conversation entailing movies, TV, celebrities, and another entry into the “Horrible Events in History” file.


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