10 Thoughts On… Tough Enough 2015 Competition Special


1. One-legged Mike has a great backstory, but one legged wrestlers tend to strain credulity. He also looks like a chubby Damien Sandow, which probably isn’t going to help his chances.

2. I really hope that this ‘contestant phones their partner and complains’ isn’t a regular segment, although I fear it probably is. Of all of the aspects of the show this came across as the most contrived and ‘reality TV’ – do we really expect these people to have an honest conversation with a camera in their face?

3. I can’t believe that they didn’t introduce Billy Gunn as ‘Mr Ass’. Way to ignore history, WWE.

4. Swearing isn’t big or clever, as demonstrated by Alex. I find it slightly ironic that the person that points this out to him is the man who spent years telling people to ‘suck it’.

5. Mada has a great look and an interesting story. Even if he doesn’t make it through the competition, expect to see him on WWE TV sooner or later. Ashley, on the other hand, seems to have taken promo lessons from the Ultimate Warrior.

6. If I had to estimate I’d say the men have got about 70% of the screen time this week – I hope this trend doesn’t continue as there are some interesting female competitors in the mix.

7. Line of the night from Lita, regarding the abrasive Gabi: ‘I think this girl is a huge bitch.’  So of course Vince brings her back after she gets cut, because Vinny Mac loves the Biatches.

8. We have a combination of some interesting personalities and some clear space-fillers, but it should be interesting to see how longshots like ZZ develop.

9. So far we’ve had three alternates brought in due to medical reasons (or possibly a wellness policy violation in one case) – it can’t be long before we start losing competitors to injury, particularly if Bob Holly gets involved.

10. Not a bad intro to the new season of Tough Enough – I’m looking forward to the sage advice that the Hulkster has to offer the contestants…

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