Lucha Underground Review/Results 06/17/2015 and A Bit of News


First off, Condolences to all the families involved in the events that happened in South Carolina…

Hey everyone welcome back this week for another Lucha Underground Review, I’m not sure how this week will pan out since we have a new show template tonight. Tonight features only one match and it will be Mundo and Puma for the lucha Underground title. The stipulation is a iron man match and whoever has the most falls by the end of the show, will walk out with the belt.


First lets talk about Lucha Underground being nominated for an Emmy award. Since they are categorized as a reality TV series instead of a sporting show, this allowed them the opportunity to be entered in the nominations for “Outstanding Structured Reality Program” . They can quite possibly win the award given they beat out the other nominations. My thoughts on this are simple, do I think they will win? I don’t know, I think me wanting them to win is clouding my judgments, but we all can’t deny this is a decent look for the wrestling business as a whole. It shows us that a program featuring wrestling can not only be compellingly written, but a Television series that can travel between storyscapes in many divers ways. Its nice to know that a show with wrestling on it, is being regarded for giving an audience, and fans at home a like, a vastly entertaining show. WIth that being said on the the program.

Emmy trophy

As always please feel free to head to the bottom of the page, and click on past reviews of the show, we do this every week so if you need to catch up that’s the place to be. As always the show starts off with a video package giving us recaps leading up to this weeks show, this time it was mostly vignettes of what happened between Mundo and Alberto.

Vampiro and Striker start the show as they hype up how Puma must defend his title the entire show, they cut to the ring as Melissa introduces both competitors. Both Lucha’s stand looking strong in the ring and cutting out official entrances did the start of this match well by giving it a different hype. By doing this they added a different excitement pushing the idea that this was a special show.

The match starts with an intense stare down, each Lucha shows a bit of class by having an intense handshake,you can’t help but wonder who is going to take the cheap shot but each keep their class and show respect. Finally they tie up and each go for the technical advantage. Rolling in and out of arm locks and holds they taunt the crowd, Mundo gets the first bit of offense by nailing a nice judo take down. Commentary does a good job explaining Konann wants the champ to take on this battle for his own, and tells us he has entrusted the champ to do this by any means. Commentary also continues to boost well how Puma has progressed as champion taking away the fact the wresters are still feeling each other out in the ring. Things are starting to slowly build and pick up as the match starts showing a spark of life, Mundo tries to pull of a cork screw dive that misses, allowing Puma to hit Mundo with the dive instead. The crowd chance this is awesome as we head to break.

After the break Mundo reverses a cover and Puma kicks out very quickly, they tangle back and forth and out of no where Puma reverses the challenger and pins Mundo with an awkward cover, garnering the first pin fall of the night.

Pinfall 1 = Prince Puma

Puma =1 VS Mundo = 0

Mundo shows his frustration as commentary points out, if this was the end of the night Puma would be the champion, we still have a long way to go and both commentators let us know this is only the beginning. Back to the wrestling now Mundo hits a nice drop kick to the gut off Puma’s attempt at a cross body, even though Puma has the wind nocked out of him he kicks out causing more Mundo frustration. Back to the ground and pound for Mundo as he continues to beat down the champ, showing how well he has developed a heel move set. Mundo continues his punishment allowing sympathy to grow from the crowd. Puma then shows us a few flurry of offensive moves and tries to cap off this nice stint with another cross body. Failing to connect he smacks the matt setting him up Mundo to hit the end of the world finish off the top rope yet Puma outsmarting Mundo counters the hold. Just when you think Puma has him, Mundo gets the upper hand by countering Puma’s  and uses the ropes to cheat for a pinfall, he then rolls out of the ring stunned and grinning he got one over on the champion.

Pinfall 2 = Mundo

Puma = 1 VS Mundo = 1

The crowd is booing like crazy as Puma pleads his case to the referee, we then cut to a commercial as each wrestler looks out into the crowd.

Once we return Mundo is back on the attack and both wrestlers lock up as if the are beginning the series essentially at zero. This time they go right back into being stiff, finding themselves fighting back and forth on the ropes. Neither competitor comes out with the upper hand and both take big shots eventually falling off the turnbuckle onto the floor, each lay selling as commentary points out there are not count outs in tonight match. Next we see Mundo go under the ring and introduce some weapons to paint the scene, pulling out a box and a chair both go at it and eventually Puma Michinoku drivers Mundo onto a box exploding the debris everywhere. As Puma taunts Mundo grabs a crow bar and begins striking his mid section, he then gets really devious and square off hits Puma right in the skull sending Puma crashing to the floor. Mundo then smiles as he drags Puma’s body into the ring pinning him for another fall.


Pinfall 3 = Mundo

Puma =1 VS Mundo = 2

Laid out completely commentary asks the question why doesn’t Mundo cover him again, it does’t take long for Mundo to realize this, and he then hits Puma with a moon sault driver, he then covers Puma again for another pinfall.

Pinfall 4 = Mundo

Puma 1 VS Mundo = 3

Whoa… Mundo just looks down on Puma as he struggles to rise to his feet, we he finally does he catches Puma with a disaster kick  lining him up perfectly for the end of the world, he nails it and pins the champion again for the 4th time in a row.

Pinfall 5 = Mundo

Puma = 1 VS Mundo = 4

Next Johnny takes a water break as the crowd chants pero, commentary puts over how they fear for Puma’s health, and wonder if the champ has sustained a concussion, finally after taunting a while Mundo goes again on the attack, yet Puma begins to show life. Countering Mundo, Puma hits a sick spike DDT and then continues to will himself back. It doesn’t take long for Mundo to fire back and he hits a nasty neck breaker driving Puma into the ring apron edge, then continues by pulling out ladders and all kinds of other weaponry.


Picking up the ladder he stalks Puma, waiting, then strikes him down with the edge as the crowd looks around in shock. Once Mundo is done he begins setting up tables and all kinds of debris as our champ has a dazed look on his face, he is now down 3 falls and the crowd begins to show their sympathy. Not sharing that same sympathy, Mundo is now attempting to put Puma through a table but finally the champion begins to protect himself, they end up fighting up the barricade and begin slugging back and forth in the crowd. They finally get to a steps area and Puma hits a nice suplex crashing Mundo onto the hard ground. As Mundo sells Puma begins setting up more tables stacking up 4 all together. it is obvious someone is going through these tables and we look on as Puma attempts the suplex. Breaking the attempt Mundo fires back and super kicks the Champion off the Barricade and down to the floor. Johnny then uses his Spider-man background and travels to the band area, he then picks up the mic and cuts a promo on how he is in the lead by 4 to Puma’s one. Demanding the band to begin playing a song Puma sells below, and begins getting up taking this as true disrespect. Puma then snaps back into life smacking Mundo square in the head with a 2 X 4, this sets him up to take a shot Puma dishes out with one of the band members guitar. Once Puma bashes Mundo’s head he then looks at the camera pausing for dramatic effect just before lunging and diving off the stage area  tackling Mundo through the tables below. This was a crazy spot and  marking out was the only thing possible. After the commercial we got a sick replay making this only the second time we have ever seen a replay on this show. Finally dragging Mundo to the Ring Puma Gets a pinfall allowing him to draw closer to tying up the series.


Pinfall 6 = Puma

Puma = 2 VS Mundo = 4

After the pinfall each wrestler go back and forth with a series of punches, Puma is in desperate mode, and he hits just about every big spot finish he has, he finally hits a spinning Michinoku driver and gets another pinfall on Mundo.

Pinfall 7 = Puma

Puma = 3 VS Mundo = 4

Now the cat and mouse game begins between the competitors as a way to get heat from the crowd on Mundo. He begins to run all over the arena and even uses the announce team for cover, the interaction was cool and it allowed us to continue our investment in hating Mundo for his cowardice. Finally the cat and mouse game pays off and Mundo dodges a nice dive from Puma, this causes Puma to crash into the matt forcing him to lay in pain.  He continues to lay and sell in the wake of failure as Mundo then walks up the ramp beginning his taunts as time is running out. Things are looking very grim just as Alberto makes his return to the temple by beginning to beat Mundo down the stairs as the crowd goes bananas, the funny thing about this is I had an idea Alberto would return, but because the match is so good I had completely forgotten. This makes Alberto’s return pleasant surprise, and we get a tease that this isn’t the last of him and Mundo. Continuing his assault Alberto then starts beating the hell out of Mundo continuing to slam him into just about every hard surface in the temple. Once he is done with him, he throws him in the ring allowing Puma to hit a spring board splash Pinning Mundo again for the 3.

Pinfall 8 = Puma

Puma = 4 VS Mundo = 4

After the pinfall Alberto cuts a promo and basically tells each wrestler whoever wins he is coming for them next, he makes sure Mundo knows no matter what happens their feud is far from over.

Commentary taunts the tie as both wrestlers give it their all, Mundo hits a nice standing Flux Capacitor on Puma, but it only gets the 2 count. With a min left they take this bout to a turnbuckle and Mundo tries to hit some kind of move that Puma dodges. The clock is winding down as Striker yells for Puma to give it everything he’s got, he then hits Mundo with a standing missile drop kick which then sets him up perfectly under a corner turnbuckle, Puma then taunts and hits his 630 swanton for the pinfall and the victory with 5 seconds left. Once the match is over, Puma stands tall in the ring holding the title for the crowd!


Show Ends

Honestly this was a great show and amazing for how different this was. I honestly didn’t feel once that this show was dragging on and honestly with all promos and video packages they’ve done in past weeks, it was nice to see just a straight show with now extra glitter and fancy things. It also gave it a throw back vibe like when one of your favorite TV shows does a special episode or something really different. Tonight’s show elevated Puma nicely and I feel going forward both wrestlers look insanely strong in their own ways, Puma a fighting champion, and Mundo a ruthless heel willing to compromise all his abilities to gain the victory. This is a good way keeping both characters on the right path and with Mundo selling himself short, it give him the window of returning to the good side of things. Well that is it for this week and I hope you guys enjoyed the show, also let me know what you think below.

– Grainbelt Jones

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