Hulk Hogan & Paige Speak About Tough Enough 2015, “Posers” Won’t Make It


Paige and Hulk Hogan spoke about Tough Enough and said that posers won’t last on the program. Here are highlights:

Hogan on the Tough Enough contestants
This is placed as an immediate opportunity, but they won’t last long even if they do make it through Tough Enough and are picked as the next WWE superstar if they are a poser,” Hogan said. “I can tell you if they are not for real, they will not last long. Once you get in the schedule is brutal, the lifestyle is brutal. I’ve seen John Cena go from India to California and back to Japan and then ‘Good Morning America’ on no sleep and wrestle and get a workout done. There is the choice if you are going to eat, sleep or do a workout. Of course, John works out and then he will eat and worry about sleep later. It might be postured as an immediate opportunity, which it is. However, if they don’t want to fit into the lifestyle, and if they don’t want to work hurt or handle the schedule, they won’t last long.

Paige on how lucky the contestants are
My dad was wrestling for more than 30 years. He brought me up the old school way. You never fall asleep in the car, I learned. He would get so mad at me every time I would try to fall asleep. He would be screaming in my ear. I don’t know how I would be if I were in their shoes. However, they are so luck y to have this. If they had to go through getting paid no money, but traveling 10 hours because you love wrestling, who knows how they would do. They have access to a doctor at the Performance Center if they get injured. Any time they do get hurt, there is someone on standby. They even have a masseuse and everything they can possibly need at the Performance Center. I don’t know how I would deal with it. I like that I did it old school. I’m proud of that.

Paige on working with Lita
I think it’s amazing. I definitely looked up to Lita when I was growing up. I also looked up to Bull Nakano. Those two were wrestlers who stood out and were anti-divas who dared to be different. They got as big a pops as the men did. I’m here to be in a similar position as them. I want one day for the Tough Enough contestants to say, ‘I want to be just like Paige.’

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