JBL Sounds Off On Confederate Flag Controversy


JBL took to Facebook to address the controversy surrounding the confederate flag in South Carolina.

Here is his statement:
Gonna be on my friend Jerry Doyle’s show tonight talking about Confederate Flag issue. Amazing to me that the flag was born out of biggest treasonous event in our country’s history and the core problem was owning another race of human beings as slaves-yet, some want to claim that these four years (1861-1865), that a flag that was never even adopted as the Confederacy Flag is ‘their heritage’.

A lot of soldiers died for this flag-so did a lot of soldiers die for the Nazi flag, sorry to say those lives were wasted in both cases.
The flag came into prominence because of the Klan and white supremacists after the war-some heritage. I think if a person wants to put out s symbol of hate and discrimination and hang it on their private property-they have every right to do so, even though I hate it. But I think government should not be allowed to display it publicly except a museum of history-and only in a case inside.

I hope we can move on from something as disgraceful as this flag.

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Source: facebook.com