Pull List Roundtable – 6/24/2015 – Green Lantern: The Lost Army #1, Secret Wars, Superman #41 & More (Spoilers)

John Babos

  • Aquaman #41 – I’m intrigued by new direction and on-panel debut of Tempest. Whether I read on past this issue will be determined by how #41 is.

  • Deathstroke #7 – Writer-Artist is doing some great stuff in this series! ‘Stroke vs. DC’s godly pantheons coming up!

  • Flash #41 – Zoom!!!

  • Green Lantern The Lost Army #1 – Very curious about the lost GLC. This will appear to feature both John Stewart and Guy Gardner. For this keeping track, Kyle Rayner appears to be a regular in Omega Men and Hal Jordan still anchors the main GL title.

  • Ninjak #4 – Enjoying Valiant’s techno ninja super-spy adventures. Check it out!

  • Teen Titans #9 – Superboy and Kid Flash appear back. Manchester Black is still around too. I’m not sure I like the new take on TT, but Kenneth Rocafort’s art is breathtaking.

  • We are Robin #1 – Just curious about what the heck this one’s about.

Mike Maillaro

  • UNCLE GRANDPA PIZZA STEVE SPECIAL #1 – My kids watch a lot of older cartoons on Netflix or Amazon. It’s not unusual to see POWERPUFF GIRLS, SONIC, or RUGRATS on my TV. In fact, I have seen RUGRATS IN PARIS at least ten times in the last two weeks. Pretty much the only current shows they obsess over are UNCLE GRANDPA, POWER RANGERS: DINO CHARGE and SONIC BOOM. My wife hates UNCLE GRANDPA, but I will admit that I think it’s kind of brilliant. I am mostly picking this up for the kids, but I am looking forward to it myself.

  • SECRET WARS – Lots of SECRET WARS this week. I have been picking them all up to review them, but that doesn’t neccessarily mean I love all of them. For this week, my picks are PLANET HULK #2, WHERE MONSTERS DWELL #2 and E IS FOR EXTINCTION #1. None of the others really appeal to me all that much.

  • SUPERMAN #41 – I am still annoyed that this issue came out after quite a few comics dealing with the ramifications of this issue have already come out (ACTION COMICS, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN and SUPERMAN/BATMAN), but this is the most excited I’ve been about SUPERMAN in a long time, so I am picking it up anyway. TRUTH definitely is the shot in the arm SUPERMAN has needed!

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001 #1 – DC stealing Marvel’s gimmick with renumbering and renaming this series. But JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000 was one of my favorite DC books, and I am really looking forward to seeing when DeMatteis and Giffen take us next.

  • GREEN LANTERN: THE LOST ARMY #1 – I’m not quite sure what to expect from this one, but I’m hoping it’s like LEGION LOST (the original mini by Abnett and Lanning, not the New-52 version). I actually have fallen away from GREEN LANTERN since Johns left, but I’m going to give this one a fair shot.

  • FLASH #41 – Babos stole my comment on this one!! ZOOM!!! The current run of FLASH has been excellent, and I can’t wait to see what they can do with Zoom.

  • SHIELD #7 – Daisy Johnson Vs Hyde! I actually had no idea Hyde was Quake’s dad in the comics (like he is in the TV series as well) until a friend had pointed it out. I’ve said this quite a few times, Marvel’s SHIELD series is an excellent take on these characters and worth checking out even if you don’t like AGENTS OF SHIELD.

  • TITHE #3 (of 4) – I actually didn’t realize this was only a 4 issue miniseries, which means it’s already running down. I really hope they extend it or do a second series. This has been a terrific story and I hate to see it go so soon.

  • GRAYSON #9 – Probably DC’s best book. I’ve really missed this during the two month break for Convergence. The preview for GRAYSON promised some new twists and turns, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

  • TEEN TITANS #9 – TEEN TITANS had a huge turnaround when it relaunched, and I love the addition of characters like Manchester Black and Josiah Power to the mix. I’m a huge POWER COMPANY fan, and Josiah Power was my username on the old DCMB’s back in the day. You can even find some letters DC ran under that name (or Sigil-Bearer Josiah) back in the day.

  • LEGENDERRY GREEN HORNET #5/LEGENDERRY RED SONJA #5 – These mini-series haven’t quite been as good as the LEGENDERRY series that ran last year, but I’ve still enjoyed them. The idea here is to take some classic characters and set them all together in a steampunk world. I hope that we see more LEGENDERRY soon. As far as I know, nothing has been announced yet.

Babos – Sinestro is the best GL book on the stands. I fell off GL after Geoff Johns too, but Sinestro has been constantly awesome under writer Cullen Bunn.

Maillaro – I love Cullen Bunn! Had no idea he was writing Sinestro! Definitely need to pick that up!

Babos – I also believe he’s writing Aquaman #41 this week! With the debut of Tempest.

James Fulton

  • This is going to come off like it’s been written by one of my Nexus colleagues more than me, as I am mostly going to be talking about DC books. I haven’t been this excited about a week of DC Comics in years. Like, since 52 started.

  • We Are… Robin #1 – Lee Bermejo’s been doing a good job writing Suiciders, and I like the concept behind this series – that a group of teenagers decide to take on the task of protecting Gotham. I imagine this will be a cross between Kick-Ass and what The Movement could have been, and that could really work. I don’t really expect this series to be around for long, but I hope it works out.

  • Green Lantern: Lost Army #1 – The idea behind this series reminds me of the excellent Legion Lost mini-series by DnA long ago, and am hoping for the same kind of feel. I’ve avoided the GL titles because of how connected they are to each other, but this one will, by definition, have to exist in its own little corner. So long as John Stewart is portrayed right (I’m thinking more like in Mosaic than how Geoff Johns writes him), I could be around for a while.

  • Gotham By Midnight #6 – This was already one of my favourite DC books when Ben Templesmith drew it, but now Juan Ferreyra’s taking over? I couldn’t be happier. This is the most unique book DC publishes, and I’m so glad that it is continuing to be published.

  • Grayson #9 – I never expected to read more than the first issue of Grayson, yet here I am realizing that I’ve really missed this book during the Convergence hiatus.

    And now to talk about an Image comic, just so I still feel like myself…

  • Rasputin #6 – The first arc of Rasputin interested me, but I was never quite committed to the series. Then, at the end of the arc, Grecian and Rossmo moved the action to modern day, and I was hooked. I’m glad this has come back.

Alexander Lucard

Only four comics this week:

  • Donald Duck #2 – the first issue was decent, but like IDW’s Uncle Scrooge series, it’s Barks AND Rosa-less which makes it a shadow of what it could be.

  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #215 – Still more angst over Snake Eyes’ death. I love Hama, but I’m about to drop this series for the first time since I was 6. Wheels are just spinning.

  • Gotham By Midnight #6 – Great series, great cast and I’m excited to see Ferreyra’s take on the characters.

  • Ninjak #4 – The first story arc has been sub-par, which is a shame because I love the character. Hopefully things will get better. If not, it’ll probably be dropped.