Big Brother 17 Episode 1 Recap & Spoilers 06.24.2015

The first part Big Brother 17’s season premiere just wrapped up! Here’s a recap of everything that went down, and what we think you should expect to come:

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

The episode started off by introducing us to eight of the fourteen (or more) houseguests of the summer. They are:

  • Audrey Middleton – 25, Digital media consultant
  • Austin Matelson – 30, Professional wrestler
  • Clay Honeycutt – 23, Graduate student
  • Da’Vonne Rogers – 27, Poker dealer
  • Jace Agolli – 23, Professional trainer
  • James Huling – 31, Retail associate
  • Meg Maley – 25, Server
  • Shelli Poole – 33, Interior designer

The first quarter of the episode had a large undertone of introducing us to the first transgender houseguest, Audrey, and how her journey has effected her life and will effect her game. Audrey has a diary room session where she says that this is the first time she’s told people that she’s transgender, and is nervous, however all of the current houseguests look to be very supportive.

As the houseguests are mingling, we see the formation of our first alliance of the summer: Audrey, Shelli, and De’Vonne.

We continue on to an unusual event in Big Brother history, were we end up reusing a twist from a previous season. By the end of the night, we would end up doing this twice, but I’ll get to that in a second.

Julie gather the houseguests and informs them that Battle of the Block is back, and boy, was the internet not happy. At first, I thought “Well, I’m upset, but maybe it’s like Redemption Island on Survivor were super fans don’t like it, but casuals do and it’ll just hang around a while until production gets bored with it”, but after going through twitter and not seeing a single positive comment about it, I am relatively certain we won’t see it last the eight weeks it did last summer.

Next, she informs them that in another twist, one of them must sit out of the first HoH competition, which is something not done in a few years, but quite common looking back in BB history. De’Vonne volunteers, and we are left not knowing what she will get in return (although, if history is any indicator, she will get immunity).

The HoH competition happens, three people fall off almost immediately, Austin breaks the thingie, and then the other four fall off almost simultaneously. James wins the first HoH of the two HoHs, who will then nominate and then those nominations will compete and then we will know who is the actual HoH. Oy.

Julie brings the houseguests back to the living room again, whereupon they are told of the BBTakeover twist.

Julie tells us that the Twin Twist is back. For those that are newer fans: in BB5, the twist was called Project DNA, and one of the factors of DNA was a pair of identical twins playing the game in turns, and if they reached the fifth week they both earn the right to play the game (which they did).

Finally, Julie gives us a quick preview of the ‘last’ six houseguests, and sends us on our way. Tomorrow, we will meet the remaining six houseguests, although it should raise suspicion even more of houseguests we don’t know about with the fact that despite having fourteen people, they split it up eight and six. Clearly, we’re not playing a 98 day game with fourteen people.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our recap of night 2 of the Big Brother 17 premiere!

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