JR Blog: Lesnar Beatdown, Seth Rollins Staying Champion Until Wrestlemania 32, Torrie Wilson/Vince McMahon “Lip Locks” Storyline

Jim Ross checked in with a post-Raw blog, here are some highlights

on Lesnar Beatdown
Caught up wth RAW from Monday where Lesnar got beat down. Fundamentally it had to happen. Baby faces have to be put in jeopardy and that includes monster, fan favorites like Lesnar who is the biggest star in WWE today, in the view of many, because he’s a legit beast and the fact that he isn’t over exposed. Plus, it took multiple people to put Brock down into a selling situation. Let’s not forget that Brock is still a human and the human element can’t be factored out of how Brock Lesnar is booked. Any one who is vehemently opposed to this creative likely doesn’t understand the art of booking as much as they would like to believe.

on Seth Rollins Staying Champion Until Wrestlemania 32
I’d still like to see Seth Rollins hold the WWE Title until Wrestlemania Texas. There is where Lesnar could win the title back IMO after winning the 2016 Royal Rumble. Now that’s the cue for someone to pipe up that idea is too predictable but I’ll go for doing the right thing over doing something unpredictable for the sake of surprise any day. It’s a great, long term storyline arc that makes sense on many fronts.

on Good & Bad TNA Rumors
Hearing all kinds of rumors, some good and some not so good, out of TNA so I will leave them as they are until confirmed but, again, this company is battling to stay in the game and I hope that they do. The thing that all of us can do as fans is to watch their TV show on Wednesday nights on Destination America. I still say if they wrestle more and talk less they will be better off. They are down to their hard core fans who want to see action and physicality and TNA has the roster to get that done.

on Torrie Wilson/Vince McMahon “Lip Locks” Storyline
Torrie Wilson is my guest this week on the Ross Report podcast that you can listen to right here on our site on the homepage or via podcastne.com or iTunes for FREE. It helps us if you subscribe to the Ross Report at iTunes as it costs you nothing and helps us greatly. Torrie is so open and honest abut her life and career in WCW and WWE including her well publicized relationship with baseball great Alex Rodriguez. She also describes her first day on the job at WWE when the script called for her to lock lips with Mr. McMahon.

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