Lucha Underground Review/Results 06/24/2015

Lucha….. Lucha….. Lucha…..Lucha…..Lucha….. Lucha…..Lucha…..Lucha…..



Welcome back everyone,

This week is a bit different, I do this from time to time to shake things up so tonight instead of getting in depth with spots and situations, this is going to be more of a general thought of the show. I will be going over some highlights and updates on what happened with the show, but I wanted to take some time talking about the overall feel of the matches. With that being said let’s get into tonight’s show…..

But first…. Make sure you look at past reviews if you need to catch up on the show…..

Tonights show begins with Lucha Underground Promoting heavily a Johnny Mundo, and Alberto El Patron match at Ultimo Lucha. The video package was super solid, and definitely puts in perspective how serious this match is going to be. I loved how this diverted Patron from the title picture and since Mundo lost to Alberto when he was a face, it still gives us the suspension of disbelief that this match is important. Not only is this about revenge but thinking of it from the standpoint of booking, it was super awesome they solidified the new Mundo by allowing him to work massive heel the last few weeks, with his new move set and attitude a factor, I find myself really excited to see how this pans out.

Match 1 = Sexy Star VS Super Fly

The first match on the Card is Sexy Star Vs Super Fly, the funny thing about this is I have a stunning feeling Super Fly is going to pull out all the stops. He wants his revenge and I assume they will be giving us more added fuel to the fire, I find this may go to Ultimo Lucha since Fly places the blame on Star for losing his mask.

The match went about as good as suspected, honestly though I’m back on the Star is becoming stale bandwagon. I like her character and what she represents but she is pigeon holed in this, tries to get something going, gets cut off by getting stiffed by the man (pun intended). The first few minuets of the match were basically running the rope combinations and stiff strikes and elbow drops. Usually if the phycology is on point, I love those kind of matches, if you know what your doing and time things properly you can build to making a suplex seem important, if all the little nuances add up during the match, but I feel Star and Fly fell short on this. It was a lot of man stiffing women, she tries a flurry and continues to be put down, I will say that there were some times Star got sympathy from the crowd but I feel they could have done just a bit more, and finally when Fly Pinned Star with multiple power-bombs into a sit out power-bomb pin combination, I felt un satisfied. Again I like Star’s character and hoped she would continue to do more, but I find myself saying after all the build she had, she can’t beat Super Fly? but was able to pin Pentagon Jr???? This lost me and seeing Fly go over clean kind of made both wrestlers involved lose what they had going, that is my opinion though.

Winner = Super Fly

Leading into a commercial break we get a really cool shot of Drago training on the roof in the sunlight. It was a cool shot and a good way to promote the main event, also to note seeing Drago get down on some nunchucks was cool to see.


Next they had 5 Lucha’s scheduled to all face off in the ring, Pentagon Jr happens to be one of those men. He comes out first and ends up picking a fight with Vampiro who is at the commentary area. Pentagon makes it personal by calling him out and then putting hands on Vampiro inticing the crowd to mark out for Vampiro, eventually Pentagon leaves the Temple basically refusing to compete and we see poor Vampiro trying to deal with his demons and stay composed. This was super sweet and we already see a match between these guys happening, it is super obvious and I find myself hoping this match gives Vampiro a chance to shine, but most importantly Pentagon Jr to re claim his spot at being the baddest dude on the roster.


Match 2 = The Mack VS Aerostar VS Cage VS Marty The Moth

Following the confrontation Vampiro is calm and Jr has left, giving us a four way between, The Mack, Aerostar, Cage, and Marty the Moth.

This was a cool match, the Mack is bananas and pulled off the spot of the night in my opinion. He basically does a northern lights suplex to Cage on the ring apron and it was completely bonkers. Everyone else played their roll well giving us a much appreciated match. Aerostar also kept the tempo up and I was really into how well things were worked. Cage also continuing his beast mentality by really used Aerostar well to bump for him. He even did a nice move of curling Aerostar’s body, and then tossing him over head and out of the ring onto the Moth and Mack below. This capped off a series of dives made by the more agile wrestlers.  The Moth is living to his name by being completely annoying, I know I am getting worked but geeze this guy has his character down, I just can’t stand his swagger or how he operates which is the entire point and I get that, still he had some nice moves and added a bit of comedy during the match. The best part is obviously building a feud between The Mack and Cage, they were able to keep everything separate and also allowed those guys to really tease future matches to come, and seeing they have history and a back stage brawl, it lets us know it will all culminate to something. The finish came when Moth and Aerostar go back and forth, and after Star does his spot where he runs along the ropes and hits a hurricanrana, he caps off his offense with a big splash for the 1..2..3.

Winner = Aerostar

Following another commercial break we have another awesome video package, this including the trio’s tag champs as they work out in the gym. Catrina the sexiest women in all of wrestling right now (yea I said it) enters the room and begins to talk trash. Before the trios champs can react she pulls out a sacred artifact and summons her minions, as the camera angles get wacky and change, it is clear her 3 minions striked down the champions seemingly stating claim to wanting the titles. What made this better is once the camera returns to normal, the trios champs are laid out with no one else in sight, then Mil Muertes and Catrina come into fame and seemingly make their way to the ring for the main event.


Main event time folks, but before we can get to the match my boy Hernandez attacks Drago and begins whipping him like he stole something in front of the crowd. He literally takes off his belt and starts going off chocking the hell out of him, this makes sense because Hernandez feels Drago ruined his chances at the title and is seemingly trying to return the favor, it is clear the future could see Drago VS Hernandez.

Main Event = Mil Muertes VS Drago

After a break Drago is shown with heart still ready to compete after the attack from Hernandez. The only thing that could have made this better is maybe a bit more time so Drago could recover from the attack a bit, also with Muertes being the biggest monster hoss right now, they could have made Drago a bit more weary of facing him but that is me being picky. The match is fine and I found it shocking there was really no interference by Catrina, they are really showing how tough Muertes is, even though Hernandez did soften up Drago a bit. The only thing I legitimetly didn’t like and have stated before, is that Muertes needs to cool off on the Undertaker gimmick, he even does the sit up now after selling  a big move, he even has the timing down pact and I’m sure Mark Calloway might take him to wrestling court if he could. I just feel with everything Muertes has and the proper team of Lucha Underground building around him and his character, he doesn’t need to do Takerish things. I understand he wants to sell he is a monster and has a different source of power, but I feel they could find other ways of getting this point across with out looking like things are shaping up to be a bootleg Ministry, Muertes and all involved are better than that. With Cratrina and her minions staking claim to the trios belts it is clear that this could become a massively dark stable. After Drago takes a pretty hefty pounding, the finish comes with Muertes basically manhandling the guy like he is nothing, giving him a stiff right shot to the face (which I love) then grabs him by the throat and flat liners him for the 1..2..3.

Lets face it, Drago never had a chance and we knew this from the beginning, this puts things in perspective that it is possible Cartrina along with all of her men around her, could have all the gold. I think this might turn into being more about Catrina then everyone else, and as the program goes off the Air we get a stare down between Puma and Mil Muertes.

Winner = Mil Muertes, New # 1 Contender


Tonight was a really good show, everything is being molded and build to the final stages as we draw closer to ultimo Lucha, we are getting the first glimpses as to how the actual card will be and so far I find myself feeling this will be a show for the ages. I wonder how things will be booked, they already had some amazing gimmick matches and special stipulations, and with the season ending after Ultimo Lucha you can only imagine how far they will go to pull out all the stops. Stay tuned the payoff is near…

Well readers have a good week, and tell me what you think!!!!

-Grainbelt Jones