JR Blog: Jeff Jarrett Thoughts, TNA/GFW “Need Each Other”, Tough Enough 2015, Praise for Kurt Angle vs. Matt Hardy


Jim Ross had some interesting thoughts on TNA and Jeff Jarrett in his latest blog

on TNA and GFW need each other
Looking at the bigger picture it would seem to be that both TNA and GFW need each other right now. Neither are on top of their game as TNA is rebuilding on a weak network while Jeff’s GFW is just being launched and has no momentum. If the two organizations can reprise an ‘invasion angle’ that can lead to a fresh, major storyline for Wednesday night TV and then bleed over to the GFW live events then it can perhaps become a win-win for both parties.

on Another possibility
Another possibility is for the Jarrett’s to go back into business with TNA to the extent of perhaps even buying the brand. If Jeff and my Oklahoma friend and neighbor Toby Keith can get the right business deal then money is no object in buying the maligned brand outright and taking it to a new direction and hitting the re-set button which is what I would do including getting rid of the any thing resembling TNA in the name of the company. Toby and I are good friends and he is a wrestling fan but is foremost a savvy businessman. Toby will not make a bad deal because he doesn’t long to be a wrestling company owner but he does like to make money and people with money love to make “new” money.

on Kurt Angle vs. Matt Hardy
BTW…really good job by Kurt Angle and Matt Hardy in their main event match. Yep, I’m biased as both were two of my signees. Sorry to be so biased but they are still excellent bell to bell talents. Wolves vs. Heels was good too and EC3 is evolving into a great villain but can still get much better at his unique craft. I enjoy watching him work.

on Tough Enough on the USA Network
Watched Tough Enough on the USA Network Tuesday night after returning from England and recording some podcast content. It is a 100% reality show and in time I hope that I become attached to some of the participants. No one has jumped off the page at me as being a future WWE Superstar but it’s way too early for that to occur. Hopefully, the TV ratings will increase and that is largely dependent on how well the show is promoted on RAW and if a couple of characters can get ‘hot.’ Again, it’s way too early to even guess if any one on the ‘cast’ will ever headline a Wrestlemania but one never knows.

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