Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars Review & Spoilers: DeadPool’s Secret, Secret Wars # 2 By Cullen Bunn & Matteo Loll


Published: June 17, 2015
Rating: Parental Advisory
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Matteo Loll
Cover Artist: Tony Harris

Hello all,

Hope all is well and things are groovy, we are about to go through the events of DeadPool’s Secret, Secret Wars # 2, make sure you pick up yourself a copy, it’s a great read.

Now as I’ve stated in my review for issue # 1, this is an amazing wink at the original secrete wars storyline. Honestly if I may say so myself this is my personal favorite comic apart of the new Secrete Wars banner, it could just be because I am a fan of the original, but it also has to do with the excellent writing that is taking place when describing the original wars though DeadPool’s eyes.

Issue 2 picks up with a newly beautiful Wade (more on this later) as he promises to save all the fallen heroes from the deaths they’ve faced. It doesn’t take long before he runs into the Lizard (if you followed the original storyline this is something that makes sense) and after a scuffle they decide to combine forces for a common bond.

As the issue continues we are dropped into another flashback of DeadPool’s recollections, this time we find ourselves in the Xmen meeting as they contemplate the side in which they are are going to pair with. The options are being weighed to side with Captain America and his Avengers, or if they should side with their own kind and pair with the Villainous Magneto. DeadPool as always adds a funny dynamic to the conversation and seeing him poke fun a the mutants continues to be hilarious, the writing team really has this down, and I only suspect they will continue to do Wade justice.


Before the discussion can conclude out of nowhere drops Spider-man, he has heard the entire situation and feels as though it could be a threat to the heroes if the Mutants decide to side with Magneto, this causes him to feel he should be a good little Spidey and warn Cap and the others of a possible double cross. Making quick work of the Mutants (again another wink at the original series) Spidey is forced to tango with the man of the hour DeadPool, who is the only one who can at least stand a chance with his agility. The fight scene was great, I had no idea how they would go about this, but a Spidey and DeadPool fight got some decent panel space, and with both being known for jokes and wise cracks it only made the exchange that much more of a joy to read. Using his wits and bit of his webbing Spider-Man was able to best our Anti Heroine and left him lying in the dust, however DeadPool was able to turn a negative into a positive by recovering a magical shield causing him to engage in a shield rivalry with Captain America, and the way he acts through out the issue is darn right hilarious.


“That Time With The Mountain……”

This seriously had me laughing out loud as this was the absolute best part of the issue, for those of you who remember the ridiculousness of the Mountain Incident in the original wars should automatically understand the serious Pun that is intended here. This in itself was epic, and honestly this was the hook that reeled me in making sure I will continue this series, not only was this funny it completely made sense in some sort of odd way, excellent showcase of writing here, and as we begin to end off the issue we also see the demise of Wade’s shield ending his shield rivalry with Captain America.

The issue comes to close with Wade explaining how he and the group met the healer, after a battle the crew finds a village and each take their time getting patched up. DeadPool’s confidence of heeling almost costed him here but the persistence of the healer proved to be a good thing for the betterment of Wade physical appearance. After getting through the stubbornness of Wilson she heels him, not of wounds on the battlefield but the scars that have plagued his life. This was a excellent way of ending off issue 2, and it gives us a clear wanting for issue #3 as if we weren’t sold to the idea of issue 3 already. This does a great job of continuing to make this series a must read for both Secrete War and DeadPool fans.

Personally I rate this issue 9/10, I really enjoyed this, as I stated  above “The time with the Mountain….” is classic, it’s just too fun to not mention again and I can only suspect there is more humor in this comic’s future. I would also like to say this is the perfect time to catch up on the original series before you get into this, the comics are amazing to read in themselves but understanding the original story is key to unlocking the full humor that is Wade Wilson….

With that being said, ENJOY…..

-Grainbelt Jones

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