JR Blog: TNA Slammiversary 2015, Tough Enough 2015 Ratings, Seth Rollins Getting Heat on Brock Lesnar

Jim Ross had a pre-Raw blog for Monday, here are some highlights

on TNA
Hope TNA did well on their PPV that I did not watch due to family obligations. I know that they needed a hit and hopefully folks bought the show. Their taping schedule, while it may be good for their financial model, is a system built to never garner success. Taping so much content at one time, much of it out of sequence, etc is not the way to do business. However, if that’s the only way that TNA can afford to tape their TV show then it is what it is. I want this brand, as I do all promotions, to succeed and will continue to watch their weekly shows and pull for them but any company who thinks that they an build their brand back to being close to profitability on a network the caliber of Destination America has to be kidding themselves. It cannot be done. Most people that communicate with me can’t even see the network on their cable systems. I get it but I pay for it in a premium package so that I can watch TNA and Lucha Underground. I watch ROH generally on our local stations in OKC.

on Seth Rollins Getting Heat on Brock Lesnar
Smart of WWE to allow Seth Rollins to get some steam versus Brock Lesnar last week and the smart money is on Rollins needing/getting more ‘heat’ between tonight and Battleground on July 19. Lesnar won’t get another beat down but Rollins can’t be beat down by Lesnar between now and the St Louis event either. I still think that Wrestlemania Texas is the right spot for Lesnar to win back the WWE World Title if the story is properly told.

on John Morrison aka Johnny Mondo
Good seeing John Morrison aka Johnny Mondo in Providence this past weekend and I congratulated him on his recent match Prince Puma. The future of Lucha Underground is still sketchy as talents need to know the drill so that the don’t have to turn down much needed work.

on Tough Enough 2015 Ratings
Important night for USA’s Tough Enough Tuesday night as it relates to the TV ratings. The numbers need to rebound but any reality show is only as good as the ‘stars’ and their interactions. Hopefully a few ‘stars’ will emerge on Tough Enough sooner than later. I am not a fan of individuals attempting to portray the role of what they perceive that a pro wrestler or entertainer if you prefer should be. I need to see ‘real’ and ‘organic’ from wannabes and I don’t think that I’ve seen that yet on Tough Enough. I will watch weekly but I really hope someone jumps off the screen at me soon.

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