Paige Talks About Diva’s Hardcore Matches, Working Matches Against Her Mother, AJ Lee, Summer Rae


The Roman Show has video of a Q&A that Paige had at the Florida Supercon. She talked about fighting her own mother in a street fight and more.

When she was asked about who her toughest opponent was, she said
My mother is the toughest opponent. Many people think she would go easy on me but that’s not the case. Independently I like the angle of me and my mom in the indy promotion Shimmer. I like the storyline, where she would berate me every time I lost I would turn around I was the baby face and she was the heel, than we had a street fight. Never have a street fight with your mother.

on her favorite feuds
She added that her favorite feuds were with Summer Rae in NXT and AJ Lee on the main roster. She also said that she wants to have a hardcore match in WWE since she did it on the independent scene.

on working a hardcore match:
On the indies I did it. I wish we could do it in the WWE. Out of the girls I would do it with Emma. I am really pushing for Emma. Come on guys we want Emma or Alundra Blayze.

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