Dolph Ziggler Comments On Contract Status: “Thinking About” Re-signing but “Waiting To Finalize”

On this afternoon’s Chad Dukes Versus The World on 106.7 The Fan, Dolph Ziggler revealed he has NOT re-signed with WWE disputing the interview that he gave to the Boston Herald this weekend.

“I’m thinking about it right now. I had a request for an upcoming contract that would end a few months from now, maybe two or three months from now, and they requested back what they would like, I countered another offer and we’re waiting to finalize some things. I love WWE and I can’t picture myself wrestling somewhere else but it’s also becoming now where that Wednesday and Thursday, I can’t just do that and get some outside live events for comedy and different movie and television options, which would only be to promote myself as a WWE superstar, to make myself a bigger star so I can advance more in WWE. So if I can’t find that happy medium, I might have to go away for a little bit.”

Ziggler also talked about the speculation he would be leaving because of thing such as pushes and title runs.

“If you’re thinking about resigning a contract in a business you love, do not google people’s comments about it. Demanding a push, demanding world titles, demanding things, what I demand is to be challenged in the ring every week and when I do it, I do it better than anyone else. You can debate that you don’t like the way I sell, you don’t like the way I talk, you don’t like the way I dress, you don’t like my name, but here’s the deal: somehow the 5’11” guy with the funny name and funny trunks has outlasted everybody else in 11 years here and hasn’t gone away. Even when I had a concussion I was backstage filming, from my house with my concussion and being on the app at that point. I’ve never been out and very fortunate with any injuries, being injury prone or anything. I’ve sat out less than anyone I can think of in 10 years.”

“What I wanna do is make myself a bigger asset to WWE. If it involves leaving, that would crush me but it might.”