Pull List Roundtable 7/1/2015 – X-O Manowar #38 (Wedding Issue), We Stand On Guard #1, Secret Wars #4 & More (Spoilers)

Mike Maillaro

Picking up quite a few books this week, mostly SECRET WARS.

  • WE STAND ON GUARD #1 – I love Brian K. Vaughan. Have been a fan since RUNAWAYS and Y: THE LAST MAN. I see BKV on a title, I pretty much know I am going to buy it without having to do any more research on the book. But this one seems particularly interesting. It’s about an epic war between the US and Canada. I’ve always thought those sneaky hockey fans were up to something (actually from the solicit, it seems like the US are the aggressors). Definitely my top pick for next week.

  • SECRET WARS – Actually, this is a great week for SECRET WARS. Pretty much all the titles coming out I really liked the first issue. A-FORCE #2, FUTURE IMPERFECT #2, GIANT-SIZE LITTLE MARVEL #2, X-TINCTION AGENDA #2, YEARS OF FUTURES PAST #2. SECRET WARS #4 comes out this week too, I really hope something actually starts to happen in this issue. Also we have newcomer, RED SKULL #1. In this book, Red Skull is presumed to be dead, but a group of villains is heading into the Deadlands to make sure he stays that way. Sounds like a bizarre concept for a comic, but SECRET WARS has had quite a few of those, and for the most part, I’ve enjoyed a lot of the tie-ins.

  • X-O MANOWAR #38 – The wedding of X-O! X-O has pretty much been my favorite Valiant series since day one, and I can’t wait to see what horrible things happen to him on his wedding day. Just playing the odds on that one, comic weddings just about never go well…

  • GUARDIANS TEAM-UP #7 – Drax and Ant-Man team up in an adventure inspired by buddy cops movies. Yeah, there is pretty much no way I can pass up on this one!

  • ACTION COMICS #42 – I was real disappointed we didn’t get more answers in last week’s SUPERMAN #41, but I’m still enjoying TRUTH. It’s been a long time since I was reading Superman comics regularly, and this new status quo definitely has my attention.

  • DETECTIVE COMICS #42 – Pretty much a repeat of what I said about ACTION COMICS. I was a little skeptical about Commissioner Gordan filling in for Batman wearing a massive blue bunny armor, but both BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS were great last month, so I’m going to stick with these books for now.

Paul Miranda: As a fellow Canuck, I’m thrilled you’re picking up WE STAND ON GUARD.

Mike: I was pretty sold on that book as soon Vaughan said he was promoting the book in Canada on July 4 and in the US on July 1.  Weird dude…

James Fulton

  • 8House: Arclight #1 – I’m a big fan of both Brandon Graham and Marian Churchland (two amazing creators who don’t put out enough work) so I’m very on board for the first issue of this new anthology series that Graham is show-running. I love his strange approach to science fiction, and Churchland’s art is divine. I’m also hoping that somewhere in a text page, this book will explain why we haven’t seen Prophet Earth War.

  • We Stand on Guard #1 – Brian K. Vaughan. Steve Skroce. I don’t need any more, but this book is set in Canada. All the planets are aligning to make sure I love this comic.

  • Airboy #2 – The first issue of this book was hilarious, and a little disturbing. I’m hoping for more of the same…

  • The Wicked + The Divine #12 – The last issue of this series ended in a very surprising manner. I’ve been looking forward to this issue since then.

  • Secret Wars #4 – As my Marvel list shrinks and shrinks (seriously, without Star Wars, I would hardly be buying anything from the company these days), I can’t resist sticking with the tentpole series that has somehow managed to remove the whole tent for me. I like this book, but have barely any interest in the tie-ins.

John Babos:  Just saw James Fulton’s pick of “We Stand on Guard #1” this week. I’m not a huge fan of Brian K. Vaughn hyper-sexualize writing post “Y The Last Man”, but artist Steve Skroce has been a fave of mine so will likely check this book out too. Thanks James!

Fulton: What kind of Canadian would you be if you didn’t, John?

Babos: I’m a citizen of the world.  Of the multiverse even!

John Babos

5 books this week and my wallet is thankful.

  • Batman Beyond #2 – Curious about how the creative worlds-builds. Enjoyed issue #1 and am eager to see what’s next.

  • Green Arrow #42 – A grittier take on DC’s emerald bowman.

  • Omega Men #2 – Still curious how Kyle Rayner and his White Lantern power set will work as a member of the Omega Men.

  • Secret Wars #4 – Marvel’s big event continues.

  • X-O Manowar #38 – A comic book wedding. What could possibly go wrong?

Alexander Lucard

Small week for me.

  • Imperium #6 – The series became exceedingly fucked up with the introduction of Broken Angel, who quickly became my favorite character in the series. I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this arc.

  • Mickey Mouse #1 – This took forever to come out. it kept getting delayed which makes no sense as the comic is all euro reprints. What is IDW doing with the DIsney license? So far, nothing good, but I’m trying all the series for a while. In this case, it’s for the appearance of the Phantom Blot.

  • X-O Manowar #38 – two types of weddings are guaranteed to end in a brawl. Pro Wrestling and Comic book. We’ve got one here.