Big Brother 17 Live Feed Spoilers: Daily Recap 07.01.2015

The insane first week of Big Brother 17 continued shaping up to be the best start to a season ever- but still pretty complicated. Here’s a recap of everything important that went down of the Big Brother Live Feeds from 8:00 AM BBT on July 1st, all the way through 8:00 AM July 2nd.

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

The day started with an indoor lockdown; Houseguests may not enter the backyard unit further notice. This is to set up tomorrow (or Friday’s) HOH competition.

Jace begins telling people he has one more idea to stay, and will wake people up and bring them to the storage room for a meeting at 5 AM.

Austin and Liz discuss how Jace is going too far, and don’t want to be seen with him. They also don’t like Clay, and want to make him a bigger target than Audrey.

Audrey decides to not leave bed all day, as nothing she can say will change anyone’s mind.

Jace gets mad at James, tells him he is mad at him for what he did, and if he gets to return he is his target.

At 6 PM, Audrey finally leaves her bed, goes and talks to James about the song leak. Claims it was Jeff. Tells him she is trying to find an opportunity to turn her fate and work something out.

The Houseguests will be having a prom during After Dark. Vanessa asks out Da’Vonne, and she says yes.

Jeff takes the condoms from the storage room to try and make balloons for an hour, but fails.

James tells Meg that Audrey told him someone was after him, Meg says she is up to her usual tricks and can’t be trusted.

Jace confirms to James that an ally of his is indeed going after him next week (it’s Jeff). Jace changes his tone, says that if he figures out how to stay he trusts James and will take him all the way to Final 4.

Jace continues to talk to himself about eventually doing something legendary, despite never doing it.

James tells Jace that Da’Vonne and Jason won’t change their votes. Jace tells him to try and get John, Steve, Clay, and Shelli.

Prom dates are: Liz/Jeff, Meg/James, John/Becky, Steve/Jackie, Da’Vonne/Vanessa, Shelli/Clay, Austin/Jason. Audrey refuses to go with Jace.

Audrey sleeps through prom.

Jeff and Jace get into a fight. Jeff tells Jace he is playing an Audrey game, and his “acts of desperation are getting you out of here”. Jace: “I don’t know why you keep coming at me” Jeff: I’m going to keep coming at you until you’re the f*ck out of here! You’re a pice of sh*t.”

Have-Nots finally get to eat again.

Jace appears to have not gone through with his 5 AM meeting threat, but it’s sill a decent possibility he could figure out a flip.

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