Big Brother 17 Live Feed Spoilers: Daily Recap 07.02.2015

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The insanity of Big Brother 17 continued last night. Here’s a recap of everything important that went down of the Big Brother Live Feeds from 8:00 AM BBT on July 2nd, all the way through 8:00 AM July 3rd.

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

Following the wake up call, Audrey tells John that if she wins HOH next week, he’ll be completely safe. She says she’s going after the person who threw her under the bus.

The feeds go off for live show and live show preparation. Due to the 4th of July, both the nomination ceremony and Battle of the Block will occur tonight, before the houseguests go to bed. For a recap of the live show, check out our recap here.

After the feeds return, John, Jeff, and James are discussing Audrey. They all wan’t Audrey out next, and also talk a bit about how Jace screwed up. Jeff tells Da’Vonne and James that Audrey hates him and she is going after him.

Da’Vonne is certain Audrey’s throwout vote, which had anyone else voted out Jackie would have been considerably more interesting, was just Austin with a sympathy vote.

Clay tells Austin that he’s seen Jeff whisper to Jason and Da’Vonne, and that he is getting weird vibes from him.

Audrey, making up more lies to try and screw herself over, complains to Jeff that someone is trying to set her up with that 1 vote, which at this point practically no one has discussed it. Clay enters, whats to make an alliance of Clay, Jeff, Shelli, and Audrey.

Becky agrees to try and get out Audrey this week, and will try and get Shelli on board.

After “Nomination Today” appears on the television in the living room, Shelli and Becky begin discussing nominations, but it entirely consists of what is the best way to get Audrey out.

Becky and Shelli choose Steve, Jason, Meg, and James as the have-nots for the week.

The plan is to get Audrey out, with Steve as a backup.

Upon Shelli revealing this plan to Clay, he offers a different idea: keep both Steve and Audrey safe for our alliance, and backdoor Da’Vonne.

Becky is putting up Steve but needs a pawn, Jason volunteers.

Clay is telling Shelli to put himself up against Da’Vonne and he will throw the Battle of the Block. She says she won’t do it.

Lots more pre-nomination scrambling.

As Becky informs Steve to assure him the target is Audrey, Shelli and Clay are scrambling downstairs to save her.

Shelli and Clay ask John to go up as a pawn against Da’Vonne to throw the BOTB. He agrees.

Quick side note: This is the best possible scenario for a BOTB I’ve ever seen. Both sides want people throwing things to get the other out, and no one agrees on who the target is.

Austin informs Audrey of the fact she is getting nominated, and tells Steve about Da’Vonne’s nomination.

Nomination Ceremony Time:

Becky has nominated Jason and Steve for eviction.

Shelli has nominated Da’Vonne and John for eviction.

Da’Vonne to Jason: “All those motherf*ckers knew!. Jason: “We’re their plan B, if they can’t get her out, it’s us!”

Battle of the Block Time! Drumroll please….

Steve and Jason have won the Battle of the Block! Shelli remains HOH, and this weeks nominees are John and Da’Vonne.

Very interesting start to BB17 week 2. The POV will be later today, which will be instrumental in how this week plays out. Be sure to check back for more recaps here on Inside Pulse.