Brie Bella Comments On Daniel Bryan’s Injury Situation, “He Has Such A Fight In Him”


– Speaking to BBC, WWE Diva and wife of Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella, talked about the future of Bryan’s wrestling career. Bryan is currently out due to injury, and his future has reportedly been in question. Bella is optimist Bryan will wrestle again because he’s “stronger than any man I have ever met.” Below are some highlights.

Bella on her feeling that Bryan will return to the ring: “He has such a fight in him so I feel you will see him back in that ring. I know my husband’s dreams. Granted, he’s done so much in the wrestling business – and it’s not over forever – but it’s not supposed to end this way.”

Bella on his recovery and desire to return: “”He needs a lot of prayers. We talk about this daily and he will get back in that ring. That is his goal and I believe in him. I really do.”

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