JR Blog: Latest On Steve Austin/Wrestlemania 32, Paul Heyman, High Praise for Cena/Cesaro


Jim Ross checked in with a Monday blog, here are some highlights

on John Cena vs. Cesaro
Enjoyed John Cena vs. Cesaro on RAW Monday night. Cena is the consummate pro and Cesaro showed, again, that he’s ready for main events on a regular basis with no start and stop involved. Turn Cesaro loose. I’d love to see Cesaro vs Lesnar some day.

on Steve Austin
Amazing the publicity and positive response that WWE has garnered with the announcement that Steve Austin is on the cover of the 2K16 video game due out in October. Now the Austin wrestling at Wrestlemania Texas will commence again which simply isn’t happening. Sorry folks, the park is closed…said in the late, John Candy’s voice.

on Paul Heyman
Paul Heyman adds so much to RAW when he’s on the show especially, and obviously, with Brock Lesnar. Paul’s verbal skills are unparalleled in the business today and he seems to get better with time. Hope young talents every where are paying attention. Heyman does plan advocate for his client. He IS an advocate IE Paul is a natural extension of his real personality. Tough Enough participants need to especially be closely watching him. Lesnar, on the other hand, has animal magnetism that can’t be taught.

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