Lucha Underground Review/Results 07/01/2015


Hey everyone I hope you had an awesome weekend for the 4th. I for one spent my time in the MT. Rainier area so I am very sorry for this being late. At the house I can just watch Lucha on the DVR since I have the El Ray network but up in the mountain area wifi was tripping and all my cheater sites were acting funny as well! Now as far as the review, this one is going to be a bit shorter, one because its late, and 2 because this was probably the lesser exciting show Lucha has put on to date. Was it a bad show? Not by any means!  There was still some solid and amazing wrestling on the program, however it was a tad bit sloppy this week and it didn’t seem to flow as well as usual. I do want to say considering some of the amazing shows we have had as of late, they are allowed an off weak here and there, and I am sure they are going to make up for it in a big way in the coming weeks, With all that being said let’s get into it.

The first thing we see on the show is Chavo lobbying for his title shot for tonight. He asks Cueto to make the match no DQ and that Konann should not be able to use his cane. Cueto responds with giving Chavo the shot and making the stipulation of it being a no DQ match, he also adds if Konann uses his cane Puma will be stripped of the title!

Next we head into the temple and get the introduction from commentary, they hype Ultimo Lucha and how the coming weeks will be crucial for the promotion, we then get an introduction of Daivari and Big Ryck, following their introduction we get the entrance of Texano.

Match 1 = Daivari managed by Big Ryck VS Texano

This match was pretty simple, Daivari did a good job of working heel and took to the leg of Texano early. He also played the coward when necessary and used Ryck well through out the match. I will say this though, as much as I love Daivari as a worker I must admit he applied the worst figure four leg lock I have ever seen, it was so sloppy and it didn’t look good at all. Its sad when I actually feel like the Miz has a better figure four then Daivari and I have to give Miz some props for at least trying to make it look compelling, Daivari just laid there awkwardly. Also when Texano flipped him over, Daivar made it look like he was selling something that obviously didn’t hurt at all, this was the low point of the match but the guys turned it around pretty quickly. Texano did his best here and did a good job showing how much of a work horse he can be, he sold well and continued to work the match well despite some miss cues that I picked up on, he also made Ryck look decent as a threat and allowed him to add some intimidation to match. This gave us a shred of doubt that Daivari and Ryck would be able to pull this one off. After dodging an attempt by Ryck to use his own bull rope against him, Texano nails Ryck with a super kick and drops Daivari with a sit out power bomb getting the 3 count! It was a pretty straight forward match and it ended quite quickly.


Winner = Texano

After this match I felt a little, hmmm how shall i put this? I don’t want to say cheated, but with these guys in a feud, I felt like this didn’t do anything to add to that feud or finish it off. If this was there way of moving on from the feud I felt they could have executed it better, because it felt like a throw a  way match, however since Ryck failed at his job of making sure to keep Daivari un pinned and safe, maybe they will move in that direction and have those 2 start a quick beef to ride out until the end of the season.

Next we get a backstage promo with Konann and Puma, Puma is working out as Konann is going over Chavo’s history and how much of a cheat he is. He states it is in his blood but it does not make him a champion. Next Catrina comes into frame as she seduces Puma while telling him Mil Muertes will defeat whoever is the victor tonight, at Ultimo Lucha, Mil Muertes also makes an appearance for intimidation then they disappearing as the lights flicker, Konann’s only response is, “its all mind games” and that Puma should stay focused.

After the vignette with Puma, Konann gets his own backstage spot talking with an unknown person, he talks about how he is boys with this mystery person and they go way back, he also states he knows this mystery person wants to get back at Chavo for his beef with Mexico, Konann seems to be setting up a plan B for the obvious cheating that Chavo has planned for this title match tonight. We never see who is talking to which adds mystery as to who is planning on getting involved.

Back in the temple now we are hyped up for our next match! Hernandez comes down to the ring and I am actually a bit shocked, I figured he might pop up, but since he returned to impact wrestling last week, I figured there was a chance he was done. He has been pulling a Rick Rude and popping up on 2 different wrestling shows on the same night, its kind of cool that we are in a time where that is happening again, however too bad TNA is a non factor at this point and just a place fore guys to get a quick check(Thats if TNA PAYS THEM and On Time). Next we get and entrance from Batman ( I mean Drago) as he makes his way down to the ring to get revenge on Hernandez for costing him the title.

Match 2 = Hernandez VS Drago

Hernandez has really shown some good stuff, personally he reminds me of another favorite of mine Dan Maff, and is doing quite well showing his singles work lately. Drago on the other hand to me is seriously played out in my opinion, I have been on and off the bandwagon since his series with Aerostar and even though he bounced back with some cool stuff after that feud I just think he is suffering from a bit of over exposure. I was actually excited when he got banned but then he returned and now we are seeing him every week again, this to me is a bit over kill for his character and I know they want to finish off the thing with Hernandez, but I see a feud starting to build and that does not make me happy. I will also be honest and say, since I knew Hernandez was going to appear on impact I figured he would be done for the rest of the season, and since Drago lost his title shot he would also be gone for the rest of the season, and we could be safe from the batman gimmick. Now my fear is coming true of more Drago because this match ended with a DQ due to Hernandez stripping a belt off a fan and whipping the hell out of Drago with it. This is obviously taunting another match between these too and even though Hernandez cut a decent promo following chocking out Drago with a fans belt, I am not super excited to see anymore Drago. Hernandez yes, I feel with the right opponent he could do some awesome singles stuff but Drago to me is just beyond played out and I really hoped he would be done at this point., Time will only tell with whats gonna happen and lets hope they give these guys a good gimmick match, or write up a solid story to get us involved and invested, because right now I could care less.

Winner = Drago via DQ, got beat down though.

Another promo for Catrina, this time she is intimidating Chavo and is warning him he must face Mil Muertes if he wins tonight, then again Mil appears and battle cries into the camera wearing a sweet purple mask, Chavo looks very weary as we cut from the scene, showing Mil Muertes is scaring his possible challenger.


The highlight of the show comes with Alberto El Patron coming down for his match with the Jobber Marty the Moth, again the crowd just goes bat shit crazy for this guy and he is clearly the mega face of the show. The crowd’s reaction actually made this episode worth watching because this is clearly going to be the highlight.

Match 3 = Alberto El Patron VS Marty the Moth


This was quick as it should of been and I was happy they used the moth to just put over Alberto. When the Moth was in the ring doing his annoying gimmick, my first thought was this better not last long, and thank god it didn’t. Alberto pretty much came out with a fire and destroyed the Moth, and after hitting quick moves that Moth didn’t sell very well, and after hitting a couple signature spots, that also looked sloppy , Alberto slapped on the cross Arm Breaker for the win. Following the match Alberto cuts a promo on how Mundo has unleashed a crazier and more sadistic Alberto since throwing him through the glass of Dario Cueto’s office, and that he is going to rip Mundo apart.

Winner = Alberto El Patron

Main Event time, and we get Chavo out first accompanied by the remaining members from the crew! Vampiro actually questioned where Beal has been, and this made me laugh that they actually are playing up they have no Idea he has been murdered, it was the best commentary call of the night and I love those tid bits of details. We then see Puma along with Konann coming down to the ring as they get ready to start this match up.

Main Event = Chavo accompanied by the Crew VS Prince Puma

Now this match added a bit to the sloppiness of the night, now the match was good but there is a point where Chavo fakes an injury, allowing the crew to come in and basically take up time and have a 2 on 1 match against Prince Puma. My problem with this is it is very clear that Chavo is faking this injury but there is nothing shown that gives us the benefit of the doubt. Usually when Chavo fakes an injury there is a move or something to provoke this, or he makes  a huge spectacle of it really playing up, tonight it was just like all of a sudden his knee is tweaked and then the crew gets involved in the match. It was a bit confusing but it was Chavo playing into his lie, cheating, and stealing gimmick. Puma did well tonight, and even with Konann not being able to help much or get involved, he did his job well causing distractions and being the voice of reason for the champion. Puma also had a nice exchange with the crew allowing this match to have a little bit more excitement and giving Puma a chance to show off more skills. The finish is a bit surprising but Texano actually comes in and helps Puma fend off the crew, with Texano’s ties with Mexico and being a former AAA champion it is clear that he was the man Konann was talking too, further proving that his feud with Daivari must be over and he is shifting to something else. Puma takes advantage of all this distraction and hits a nice move on Chavo and then Hits him with his 630 Swanton for the pin and the victory retaining his title. Once the match is over Texano cuts a quick promo on Chavo saying he is the representation of Mexico and that he will be going After Chavo in the future, Chavo lays in the ring holding his leg in anger he lost his opportunity to win the belt.

Winner = Prince Puma

The final vignette of the show, is Blue Demon meeting Chavo in the locker room, Chavo is very nervous because he is still nursing his bad leg ( maybe he really did hurt it storyline wise) and worried he has to deal with Blue Demon now. Demon basically states Chavo doesn’t have to worry because he is not a coward like him and doesn’t attack people while they are injured. Chavo then uses his evil ways to taunt Blue Demon, he then says that it is obvious Texano is the new face of Mexico and that Blue Demon is some has been that lives in Miami now. He goes on to say that Texano is the top and Demon is nothing, Demon then gets raged up and starts slamming Chavo up against the lockers saying he is Mexico. After Chavo takes a bit of a beating and some choking Blue Demon leaves furious as Chavo smiles, showing he is pulling the puppet string manipulating the situation in his favor, once we see his clear smile the show ends.


This was a solid show but a little slow going. I was entertained but did feel it wasn’t as hype as all the other shows in the past. To be honest this felt like maybe it was the last show in a group of tapings because the crowd felt a bit burnt out other than Alberto time, and you could tell the vibes were off. I also want to say there was nobody I REALLY loved on this card as in the special talent on the roster, it would have done better to have an appearance from Pentagon Jr. or a favorite I’m missing like King Cuerno, just to give this show more oooph. Alberto was awesome but was on screen for maybe 6 min and every other match on the card was a bit of a under card match or had a crazy finish like with the main event. However as I stated above this promotion is allowed a slow show here and there and we know they will be turning it up in the coming weeks! Well everyone have a good week, next week I will have some news and a normal article to make up for this week, I hope you enjoyed the 4th and have a good few days!

-Grainbelt Jones