DC You Expands By 8 Mini-Series In 2016 Featuring A Batman Villain, 2 Of Batman’s Outsiders & More! New Art! SDCC 2015 October DC Comics News To Follow!


In advance of San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) International 2015, DC Comics has announced 8 new mini-series for 2016. This comes before news of DC You ongoing titles for DC Comics via October 2015 hype.

Those 8 mini-series are as follows:

  • Katana: Cult of the Kobra written by Batman and The Outsiders co-creator and comics great Michael W. Barr.
  • Metamorpho by writer-artist Aaron Lopresti who is also a former pre New 52 Outsider.
  • Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death writen by Amy Chu that centers on the Batman rogue.
  • Swamp Thing written by co-creator and comics legend Len Wein.

DC mini Katana DC mini Metamorpho DC mini Poison Ivy DC mini Swamp Thing

  • Firestorm written by co-creator and comics legend Gerry Conway. (NEW ART)
  • Metal Men also written by Len Wein. It’s not clear if Cyborg will feature in the book as he did with the characters during Forever Evil.
  • Sugar and Spike by writer-artist and comics great Keith Giffen. This a new take on the duo who are now adult private investigators. (NEW ART)
  • Raven written by co-creator and comics legend Marv Wolfman.(OFFICIAL ART TBC)

Firestorm mini Metal Men Sugar and Spike DC mini Raven

More from the mini-series writers and DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio over at USA Today.

In terms of the Katana series, it appears to focus on Kobra which was an established terrorist group pre New 52. The old who’s who DC Comics bios are below for Kobra and a Kobra-related team.

Who's Who DC Comics Kobra Who's Who DC Comics Strikeforce Kobra

I’m pretty excited about Firestorm and Metamorpho, but we’ll see after the #1’s hit stands. Sugar and Spike seems like an interesting new take; I wonder if it will be written in the vein of Justice League 3001 also written by Giffen. I’m glad DC Comics continues to publish diverse characters. I hope some of these mini lead to ongoing series.

We’re also starting San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) International 2015. We also expect there to be news about new ongoing series and other big news for #DCOctober. DiDio has said October 2015 will be a big month for DC You and DC Comics.

I’m hoping for a Shazam series, finally. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Stay tuned for more DC news over the coming days.

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