JR Blog: Tough Enough Ratings Rebound, Praise for TNA Booking of EC3, Gail Kim Controversy

Jim Ross had a mid-week blog including praise for TNA, here are some highlights

on Tough Enough ratings
Happy to see the TV ratings for Tough Enough rebound. With fewer contestants still alive, the show should continue to get more compelling as it will allow the viewers to get to know the prospects better. The format is unique to say the least but I’m more interested in the participants giving us their true selves and not attempting to play the role of what they perceive a pro wrestler is supposed to be. Just as in life, simply be yourself and when you want to be noticed or ‘heard’ simply AMPLIFY!

on TNA booking of EC3
One of the nicer and more effective ‘builds’ recently in TV wrestling has been the job that TNA has done with EC3. He’s a natural villain who looks like a star and now it’s up to the talent to continue to develop his game, stay hungry and learn every villain nuance that he can. What’s old is now new of which he should keep in mind.

on Gail Kim
For the record, I am and have said on many occasions that Gail Kim is one of my ALL TIME favorite performers of any gender. She’s Canadian of Asian decent and a beautiful person inside and out. When pitching me hiring her, was I wrong to say that many men were attracted to Asian females? I obviously should have used a better illustration to explain that point than mentioning Asian adult websites being revenue generators but it was merely to illustrate my point as unfortunate as it was in hindsight. My problem is that I am honest and have no issues admitting when I make an error in judgment, if one was made, but the web site point wasn’t what got Gail hired in WWE. It was her ability in the ring and the fact that she did have a great look. She is a credit to any organization that she’s affiliated with and i’d hire her again tomorrow if given the opportunity.

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