Big Brother 17 Live Feed Spoilers: Daily Recap 07.09.2015

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Here’s a recap of everything important that went down of the Big Brother Live Feeds from 8:00 AM BBT on July 9th, all the way through 8:00 AM July 10th.

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

Julia tells Vanessa that she is a twin, and that production decides when her and Liz switch. Vanessa tells her people are on to them. Julia and Vanessa tell Shelli and Clay about the twist, and they all decide to keep the twins safe. This means Audrey is the only houseguest unaware of the twin twist left.

Da’Vonne tells Vanessa that she knows who has the twist, and Meg is leaving tonight. Vanessa says she is scared and may vote out Meg.

Da’Vonne tells Audrey that if she goes to watch Shelli.

Eviction happens, Da’Vonne leaves.

The feeds come back; Steve, John, Vanessa, Shelli, and Jeff discuss who Rob Gronkowski could be, they have no idea.

Jackie tells Jeff that they need to get the house together and go to the HOHs and give them an ultimatum to put up Audrey.

Vanessa and Austin agree to target Jeff this week, with James or Jason as a backup.

Jeff starts to get worried, and Meg tells him to calm down and that they wouldn’t do that, because it would cause to many enemies. Jason also wants the entire house to go up and say to put up Audrey.

Liz tells Vanessa and Austin, after a switch with Julia, that she’s excited they know the secret. “Thank god Da’Vonne went home”

Jeff tells Austin he is worried about Vanessa, and about the twin twist, which he already knew, and he acts shocked.

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