SDCC 2015: Batman’s Robins Takes DC You Center Stage With Big Events For 75th Anniversary! Batman & Robin Eternal Plus Robin War From DC Comics! UPDATED

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At today’s San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) International 2015, DC Comics made its plans for Robin’s 75th anniversary known.

It involves a sequel to its weekly Batman Eternal series called Batman and Robin Eternal lasting 26 issues.

Batman and Robin Eternal weekly series #1

Comicbook is reporting the following:

    Writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV will return to the series, with assists from Tom King, Tim Seeley, Jackson Lanzing, Ed Brisson and more. Tony Daniel will serve as the main artist on the book.

    Snyder called Batman and Robin Eternal “larger than the first one: globe-spanning, bigger secrets,” and said that it “honors the legacy of Robin and also brings a new angle to it and makes something very fresh.”

    A 26-issue, weekly series, Batman and Robin Eternal will celebrate the 75th anniversary of Robin by centering heavily on the legacy of the character…

Robin War DC Comics A brief history of Robin ComicsThe leads for that weekly series will be Dick Grayson, Batman’s first Robin, Harper Rowe (currently Batman’s Bluebird) and…. Cassandra Cain (a pre-New 52 Batgirl). Folks may also know that Jason Todd (Batman’s second Robin and current Red Hood), Tim Drake (Batman’s 3rd Robin and current Red Robin in Teen Titans and in the future as Batman Beyond) Stephanie Brown (Batman’s pre-New 52 4th Robin and debuting as Spoiler in Batman Eternal), Damian Wayne (Batman’s son and current Robin) plus the We Are Robin (a gang of Robins in a new DC You ongoing series) will likely pop by.

However, it looks like Damian Wayne and the We Are Robin crew will be going to war in Robin War in a separate tale.

UPDATE: Robin War appears to involve a crossover between three not two DC You titles: Robin Son of Batman, We Are Robin, and Gotham Academy.

Looks like its a good time to be a Batman AND Robin fan.

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