SDCC 2015: Watch Now! Man Proposes To His Boyfriend At San Diego Comic Con


During a panel for the upcoming web series Con Man, the crowd got quite the surprise when make-up artist Barry Bishop decided to bring his boyfriend up on stage with him. After a brief set up by the moderator, Bishop took the mic and said, “They were asking the cast a minute ago who was the most amazing person in Hollywood you’ve worked with.” At this, Billy Brooks, Bishop’s boyfriend, was visibly touched. The crowd cheered.

Bishop grinned and continued on: “I just want to say Billy Brooks I love you baby with all my heart and soul and will you please marry me?” At this, the auditorium erupted in surprise and joy as Bishop pulled out a ring and got down on one knee. He put the ring on his new fiancé’s finger and the two embraced.

The proposal is especially poignant as it comes in the wake of the Supreme Court marriage decision legalizing gay marriage across the country. Bishop expressed his relief and excitement that he and his partner now lived in a country that allowed them to marry. Inside Pulse congratulates the two and wishes them luck!

Colin is a writer and actor based in Brooklyn, NY.