CM Punk Updates UFC Status, Fighting Weight, Says Wrestling Is Harder than MMA

Punk has been training with Duke Roufus at Roufusport in Milwaukee, and in a new interview with UFC, talked about his training.

on how close to ready he is to fight:
I say this all the time: I’d love to fight tomorrow. But I want to be as prepared as I possibly can be and I will be. I’m still shooting for December. It might be January, I’m not sure. But I’ll be ready when I fight.

on what training has been like:
It’s super awesome and it’s super fun,” Punk said. “I’m a fan of knowledge, so every day for me is a good day because I’m always learning something. It’s a lot, but I know what I signed up for.

on wrestling vs mma being harder
Wrestling is probably my hardest day just because that’s the grind. You’re constantly in somebody’s face. You’re not trying to give up any ground. It’s no secret I didn’t wrestle in high school or anything like that. Everybody I train with did, so they have a lifetime of experience. But I love that.

on his possible fighting weight
I woke up at 190 this morning, so I could make 185 in a couple of hours if I needed to,” he said. “But I think fighting at 185 would probably be a bad idea. Those guys are a lot bigger than me. I think 170 is doable.

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