John Cena Talks About WWE Changes From Attitude Era

John Cena recently spoke with the New York Post, here are the highlights…

On WWE cleaning up its image after the Attitude Era
In the height of the Attitude Era, it could be compared to a touring frat party. We made a conscious effort to clean up.

On his many Make-a-Wish appearances
When I hear that this child wants to hang out with [me] for the day, I think that’s the most flattering thing that I could ever be a part of.

On appearing in Trainwreck
I’ve been looking to do comedy forever. What I do every Monday night is action. [I’m] essentially a superhero trying to swoop in and save the day. What you see on-screen is 95 percent improv. It’s kind of the way we do business in the WWE. You have a loosely defined story. As long as you play within the goal posts, the dialogue is whatever [you] make it.

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