Brock Lesnar Confirmed For WWE Monday Night Raw on July 13, 2015

WWE announced that Brock Lesnar would be on Monday Night Raw tonight.

The company has often used Brock’s appearances as surprises. However, as ratings are floundering, WWE made the call to announce Lesnar’s status ahead of time.

WWE made the announcement during Smackdown, and have confirmed it on

Here is WWE’s official preview of Brock’s Raw appearance:
Ever since Seth Rollins robbed Brock Lesnar of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar has had it out for “The Future of WWE,” and at WWE Battleground, Rollins will have nowhere to hide. Yet, as much as this collision is about the WWE World Heavyweight Title itself — the grandest prize in sports-entertainment — it’s also a matter of retribution for The Anomaly, who wants nothing more than to make The Architect pay for his past transgressions.

But what is Lesnar truly looking for: Rollins’ title or Rollins’ suffering? Might his desire to destroy Rollins somehow supersede his championship aspirations? If that’s the case, what would happen if Lesnar got his hands on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion before their title bout? Could we see Lesnar destroy his WWE Battleground opponent before their championship encounter even takes place? Last week, we saw Lesnar decimate J&J Security’s Cadillac and J&J themselves … and we get the feeling he’s not done breaking things just yet. Expect more carnage from The Beast Incarnate on Raw.

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