JR Blog: “Not Ready To Return To Weekly TV” for GFW, Battleground 2015 Thoughts, Praise for UFC 189


Jim Ross checked in with a pre-Raw blog on a Monday afternoon, here are some highlights

on Global Force Wrestling
I am not going to be affiliated with Global Force Wrestling at this time but I certainly support Jeff and Karen Jarrett’s dream and will do all that I can to help them succeed. One never says never but I’m simply not ready to return to regular, weekly TV Wrestling.

on WWE Battleground
WWE Battleground is in St Louis this Sunday on the WWE Network headlined by Brock Lesnar challenging Seth Rollins for the WWE World Title and John Cena defending the United States Title against Kevin Owens. That means that one would assume that Monday night’s RAW will be amped up a bit. The great performers over the years always took these ‘go home’ RAWS very seriously to the point that the day of atmosphere was significantly unique. If today is just another day at the office then something’s wrong.

on UFC 189 PPV
Great UFC 189 PPV Saturday night. I watched it with @MattLindland, former UFC fighter and currently US Olympic team Greco Roman Wrestling coach, along with Jerry Brisco and other friends. We got to see the final, two bouts and they were scintillating. Conor McGregor is money and it will be interesting to see if he is going to wind up as a heel or face in UFC. The thousands of Irish fans on hand made it clear that the controversial McGregor was God-like to them on PPV. I predicted that the Lawler-MacDonald fight would be the fight of the night and it was. The event had a WWE-like feel to it inasmuch as the live music entrances gave the event a sports entertainment extravaganza feel which will likely piss off many MMA purists who don’t approve of me talking about their beloved sport in any context.

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