10 Thoughts On… WWE Monday Night Raw 07.13.2015 (NXT Diva Invasion, Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens vs. Rusev)


1) Opening Promo: perhaps a moment of great timing between real life and live television my older brother saw the destroyed Cadillac and asked “What happened to that car” just as Brock Lesnar’s music hit. Beyond that this promo was much of the same but we did see Heyman mention the streak which fans didn’t seem to enjoy. “Baby Brother” Kane didn’t either.

2) Randy Orton & Ryback v. Sheamus & Big Show: a good match overall with some great work by Ryback and actual relevant commentary about the IC title match on Sunday, however, am I the only one getting tired of Miz giving commentary then acting cowardly?

3) Dean Ambrose v. Bray Wyatt…kind of: Okay, I’m all for a switch up of the mind games but come on! Why the hell have Dean come out if he wasn’t going to do anything? I’m glad Roman got some revenge going but why wasn’t Dean at least ringside eating popcorn or something else goofy while Roman beat down Bray?

4) Diva’s Revolution: FINALLY. It finally happened where the Diva’s were not only given time but a good amount of focus and hype as well. Bringing up Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks and mixing all the top Diva’s together before a Diva Brawl (you read that right) broke out was great. I hadn’t been that happy with a Diva’s segment in a long…LONG time.

5) Prime Time Players & Mark Henry v. The New Day: Not a bad moment of the show but not very entertaining. The New Day being billed to lose lately is puzzling if Creative wants them to succeed down the line. They can’t lose the titles and just suck after that! They talk with fire now let them wrestle with fire and win a bit in order to keep their momentum going.

6) R-Truth v. King Barrett: This feud is puzzling to me. I “get” it but at the same time it seems like a downgrade for both men. Billing R-Truth to look foolish and Barrett to appear easily angered and upset (read unfocused) makes both men seem less important.

7) Cesaro v. Kevin Ownes v. Rusev: A great match by all men (until Owens walked out) allowing Cesaro and Rusev to take center stage and put on a great match. I found it odd though that with all of Cesaro’s momentum lately he would loose to Rusev.

8) John Cena v. Rusev: An old rivalry was back, briefly. However, after the stunning match before Rusev was not at his best and it showed. Also, when Rusev was about to win Kevin Owens interrupting saying he would be the man to beat Cena and no one else felt like Bray Wyatt telling Roman Reigns he would let anyone but Reigns succeed.

9) Neville v. Stardust: I was ecstatic to see Stardust back after the loss of his father. However, to see him play heel in his hometown after the tragedy was tough. To see him win while holding the tights sucked. To have the match fly by in a split second was the final straw and I ended up being disappointed. These two could have a great “Superhero v. Villain” rivalry if given the proper time to do it.

10) Contract Signing: This would have been more entertaining if, I don’t know, something important happened. Instead it was more of Rollins running his mouth, Lesnar looking strong, Paul advocating for Brock and more of Rollins blaming everyone else for things going wrong. It was the same as always and it was a disappointment for these two men who could have had things go out with a bang in a different way.

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