John Cena Talks Trainwreck w/Amy Schumer, How He Was Offered The Part

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In an interview with Coming Soon, John Cena spoke about working with Amy Schumer in the upcoming comedy Trainwreck. Here are highlights:

On getting offered the part
You know, just through the regular channels on how you would end up getting offered an audition. I had to go through the regular process. It wasn’t like, “Hey, here’s the part.” I had to go through an audition and then another one and then a table read. Eventually, I ended up getting it, but it was a very exciting time, when I was approached with the fact that, “Hey, do you want to read with Amy Schumer for Judd Apatow?” To me, that was both exciting and nerve wracking, but it was overall a great experience, and I’m glad I could be a part of this awesome movie that’s coming out.

On how the role is different for him
I guess I’ve been in the WWE so long now, and I love WWE and I don’t want to go anywhere. Constantly, I guess from a critical side, critics are often asking me to evolve, in certain ways. I think I don’t know quite yet if that’s the evolution they’re talking about in WWE is possible, but it certainly is outside the ring. So at least when they go to theaters and check out “Trainwreck” on July 17th, hopefully, they’ll be able to see a little bit of the evolution outside of the ring that I’m going for.

On what he wanted to bring to the role
Originally, the character was written as just a typical big guy who does big strong things. The sex scene, for example, was originally written as a very physical sex scene, where it was like me doing wrestling maneuvers and the sex was overbearingly physical. But, there was one punch line in the original script about Steven – it’s even awkward to say, but you’ll end up seeing it in the movie – Steven reaching climax when he says, “The first time I saw Amy, Amy looked like a dude.” It was just one throwaway line. From that line, I’m like, “Well, maybe this dude is yearning for this normal life, but he always wants to be physically fit. He’s always hanging out with his bros at the gym. Maybe this dude is just confused about who he is, as much as Amy’s trying to find herself, maybe this guy is really just in the wrong sort of situation.” So that’s where we kinda got all the improv for the sex scene that didn’t end up overly physical at all. It was just his ineptness to talk dirty, and then his sexual confusion, which hopefully plays out throughout the movie.

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