Pull List Roundtable 7/15/2015 – Hawkeye #22, Book of Death #1, Justice League #42, Secret Wars & More (Spoilers)

James Fulton

  • Book of Death #1 – Valiant has really done no wrong for the last couple of years, so of course I’m going to grab their latest event series, which looks a little too much like the Last Days stuff that Marvel used to put out. I’m not excited about this project at all, and am only buying it on the strength of Valiant’s line. I wish they’d space their events out a little more – it feels like The Valiant just finished, and it came too quickly on the heels of the Armor Hunters. Still, watch me end up loving it…
  • Godzilla in Hell #1 – In a classic game of bait and switch, IDW got James Stokoe to write and draw only the first issue of this series, which is probably going to be exactly what it sounds like. Stokoe draws an incredible Godzilla – just look at his Half-Century War for proof, so I’m going to be buying this issue, and only this issue. My hope is that, if enough people buy this, Stokoe might return to his brilliant Orc Stain.

  • Hawkeye #22 – I’ve moved beyond caring at all what happens in this comic, but I’m looking forward to seeing some David Aja artwork.

  • Island #1 – Lots of good debuts this week, but the one I’m most excited about is Island, a new magazine being compiled/edited/curated by Brandon Graham and Marian Churchland. I love both of these creators’ work, and know that, as we’ve seen with Prophet, that they have very talented friends. I imagine this will be a cooler version of Heavy Metal.

  • Siege #1 – I’ve been passing on just about all of the Secret Wars tie-ins, but this one is written by Kieron Gillen, a writer who has a proven track record for taking stupid ideas and turning them into gold. Plus, this series is featuring a number of characters that Gillen has worked with before, like Abigail Brand and Ms. America Chavez. This might be the gem in the entire lineup, and looks like it’s going to be Gillen’s last Marvel Universe book for the foreseeable future.


Mike Maillaro

  • HAWKEYE #22 – I don’t really like Matt Fraction’s work all that much. To me, HAWKEYE was a bit overrated. I hate that work, but it’s the only way I can describe it. Even though ALL-NEW HAWKEYE has been out for months, the last issue of Fraction’s HAWKEYE run is just coming out this week. I am not buying this one, but I did think it was worth mentioning, I know a lot of people enjoyed the “Hawkguy” run.

  • SECRET WARS – It’s kind of hard to believe that there are still more SECRET WARS books coming out. For the new books, I am looking forward to HAIL HYDRA (I like the new Nomad), CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND THE MIGHTY DEFENDERS, and GUARDIANS OF KNOWHERE. On top of that, we get issue 3 of PLANET HULK and WHERE MONSTERS DWELL which are among my favorite SECRET WARS books!

  • SECRET SIX #4 – Thankfully, it seems like this book is finally getting back on track. I loved the reveal at the end of issue 3 that Elongated Man seems to be operating undercover as part of this new Secret Six team. I’ve really enjoyed this series, even though it’s been a little slow on the release.
  • THE BLACKLIST #1 – I am a huge James Spader fan. I have been for a real long time. How big? I refused to watch any STARGATE spinoff even though I loved the first movie because they recast James Spader’s role. So big that because of his role in the season finale of the seventh season of THE OFFICE that I ended up watching the whole series just to catch up in the hopes he would have a bigger role (which he did in season 8). So when they announced he was getting a new series in THE BLACKLIST, I pretty much had to watch it. And it is one of my favorite shows, just because of Spader’s performance. I will admit, some of the plots of BLACKLIST can be kind of lame, but Spader more than makes up for that. So I will definitely be picking this comic up. And the first cover features a cover by Alice X. Zhang, who is pretty much my favorite painter.

  • BLACK CANARY #2 – I was a little turned off by the concept for this book, but I kind of liked the preview and ended up checking out the first issue. Which was actually great! Part of me worried that this series was such a departure from anything we had seen with Black Canary before, but it turned out this was just the shake-up the character needed. I do think of it seems a little inspired by SPIDER-GWEN, but I guess there are far worse things to be inspired by…

  • POSTAL #5 – POSTAL is a pretty creepy series. It’s about a town of criminals looking to start new lives for themselves while the FBI has them under surveillance. Each issue has added new twists and turns, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite Image series And unlike a lot of Image series, it really feels like everything moves forward each issue and not on a wait for trade mentality. Definitely worth checking out.

  • TREES #11 – Ironically, the whole reason I started picking up TREES was because I saw a recommendation for it from another writer in one of these lists a few months ago. It is another Ellis comic, about how the world would be impacted by the arrival of an alien species. Each issue features lots of interesting characters and plot twists. I am glad I got turned on to this series, and hopefully I can do the same to someone else by making this recommendation.

  • LETTER 44 #18 – Add this to the list of terrific books that aren’t Marvel or DC. I seem to be hitting on quite a few of those this week. LETTER 44 starts with a letter from a Bush-like President to his successor warning him that an alien structure has been spotted not far from Earth. This story has gone in a lot of different directions, including the Earth erupting in a World War.

  • BOOK OF DEATH #1/ BOOK OF DEATH LEGENDS OF GEOMANCER #1 – Valiant has been doing some terrific crossovers the last few years. And I am especially excited about this one because it features the return of Master Darque. Master Darque hasn’t had a huge presence in the reborn Valiant Universe, so I have been waiting for this to happen for a long time now! THis should be a hell of a story.

  • ANT-MAN ANNUAL #1 – I typically don’t like Ant-Man all that much, but Nick Spencer has done a great job with the current series starring Scott Lang. This annual is basically just a way to capitalize on the ANT-MAN moving coming out next week, especially since it features Pym and Lang, but since Nick Spencer is writing it, I will definitely pick it up anyway.

  • MEGA MAN #51 – Last week, I had recommended SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #274 because it seemed like Chun Li would be bringing the Street Fighter crew into the story…but they decided to make it just a tease. Hopefully it will finally happen in MEGA MAN #51. If not, I might have to drop this crossover just because I feel like I’m being taken advantage of here. WORLDS UNITE needs to start moving forward real soon!

Alexander Lucard

  • Book of Death #1. A quasi-sequel to The Valiant. I’m interested in seeing how everything shakes out for the Eternal Warrior with this one.

  • Book of Death Legends of Geomancer #1 I HATE how Valiant is making this available, but I love the books they put out so I am really torn about getting this. If it’s good then yay, but if not, then i have no problem striking it from my list down the road.

  • Dead Drop #3 (of 4) – a really fun (and funny) mini-series that is nothing like what I expected it to be.

  • Groo Friends and Foes #7 – My favorite series of the year so far, if only because we’re getting a year straight of Groo.

Paul Miranda

    Surprise! Surprise! An indie entry. I recently read this book and am dying (no pun intended) to see further events unfold.

    Aside from my wallet, my mind keeps opening up to unheard-of, unsung heroes in every sense of the word.

    The Epic of all epics! I was misled last week when I’m pretty sure I saw this issue solicited. Either way, my excitement level is through the roof!! This saga is so enormous that six one-shots were announced to accompany the main storyline! They will compliment the main story quite nicely. I want to see Wonder Woman take centre stage. You promised, Mr. Johns! Scot (Free) is cool again. Jay Fabok’s art makes me drool wink emoticon

    What business does the SSQ have tangling with S/WW? Who cares?? The fact that these diametrically opposed characters are clashing for the first time ever is awesome in itself!! It will be a challenge for Clark who is at half-strength. Diana shouldn’t hold back. She could use her speed and might to take them all down in one fell swoop!!

    What other salaciousness does Ms. Simone have in store?? After last month’s massive reveal, she has stated that the hits will keep on coming. This group has no chance of being besties. To say I want more is beside the point.

  • DR. FATE #2
    The second time around can be better than the first! Case in point: these five are proof positive of that. They all had solid debuts. Gripping, in fact. I want Dinah to come clean with her bandmates. I cheer for Khalid as he learns the ropes. I clap for Guy and John as they share leadership. I don’t want to see J’onn die (again). He is worthy of redemption and trust! I relish Damian kicking more butt and wrestling with his inner demons.

    Norrin Radd finally gets in on the action! Even one as he gifted with the Power Cosmic cannot prevent nor avoid the Last Days!! Rave reviews for this groovy far-out series from the curator of the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and the MADMAN artist. I got my gear. Time to hang ten!

  • Guardians OF KNOWHERE #1
  • SIEGE #1
    Battleworld still hasn’t been entirely explored. There can never be enough!! Al Ewing continues his MIGHTY work in a most radical fashion. It’s about time he acknowledge his British roots. What secrets lie within the dead Celestial’s head? I grin widely every time I am exposed to Mike Deodato’s art. Ian Zola has inherited the shield and must continue the good fight. Can he alone take down an undying organization? S.W.O.R.D. and S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. Annihilation bugs, Ultrons, and zombies! The bad guys are outmatched!!

    Carol looks further into what’s past the starless sky. Take flight and don’t stop. Speaking of which, how will Carina cope with remembering her former existence. Her hubby has to deal with Wonder Man’s wrath. Never easy, is it?

    IMO, the monster tales are the best of the bunch. Aside from those, I want to learn more about the infection that has everyone armoured up. Black Bolt going against his wife won’t be pretty. Anthologies are quick and enjoyable. I want to see Kitty and Cameron do their parents right and hook up!


John Babos

  • Book of Death #1 – Valiant’s big and curiously morbid event for summer 2015 begins!

  • Dead Drop #3 – Another action-packed mini from Valiant.

  • Green Lantern: Lost Army #2 – A strong debut issue on story and art has me back. This is what GLC should have been like.

  • Justice League #42 – Pretty jazzed for the next chapter of the Darkseid War. So glad they’re using new characters plus the New Gods.

  • Superman / Wonder Woman #19 – Truth and love hurts?