What To Look Forward To – 07/15/15 – Featuring Hawkeye #22, Island #1, Secret Wars Tie-ins x 12, Book of Death #1 & More!

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Here is a quick look at some highlights on the shelves this week. Marvel’s Secret Wars continues with a bunch of tie-ins, and I’ve included a list of TPBs I recommend. Hawkeye 22A few exciting #1’s debut this week, plus the finale of a beloved series, so let’s take a look…

Hawkeye #22 – Written by Matt Fraction; Art and Cover by David Aja

  • Finally! The finale to Fraction, Aja, and Wu’s award-winning run. I couldn’t be more excited and sad. This series is what got me reading Marvel a couple years ago and has become one of my favorite series. Though it’s been plagued by a few delayed issues (this is one was initially scheduled for February), this has been a thoroughly consistent run by these acclaimed creators. Bummed it’s going, but so glad it was here. If you’ve missed this series, I can’t recommend enough you pick up Vol. 1 My Life As A Weapon this week.

Mercury Heat #1Mercury Heat 1Written by Kieron Gillen; Art and Cover by Omar Francia

  • Gillen is on top of the world right now, what with The Wicked + The Divine, Darth Vader, and several others in the last year, including God is Dead, which Francia also worked on though separate from Gillen. In development since 2008, this series revolves around a character Gillen describes as “Judge Dredd meets Tank Girl in cyberpunk sci-fi.” That’s enough for me, I’m in.

Book of Death #1 – Written by Robert Venditti; Art by Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite; Various Covers by various

  • The heroes of the Valiant Universe come together for the endIsland 1 of days! The Valiant blockbuster event begins here, with tie-ins to come. Already breaking unprecedented pre-sale records, this is certainly a one to keep an eye on.

Island #1 – Story and Art by Brandon Graham, Emma Rios, & Ludroe; Text Piece by Kelly Sue DeConnick; Cover by Brandon Graham

  • Image cannot be stopped. This new series has been getting hyped by retailers and readers since its announcement, and not without good reason. A very unique approach, Island features some of today’s best artists and writers presenting three separate, ad-free, 20-30 page stories. For just a couple extra bucks, you’ll want to get in on this.


If you’re having a dry week trying to find new stories, check out these TPBs soon…

Avatar The Last Airbender: Batman Second ChancesThe Promise Pts. 1-3

100 Bullets Vol. 1 First Shot, Last Call

100 Bullets Vol. 2 Split Second Chance

(see my review on 100 Bullets issues #1-14 here)

Hawkeye Vol. 1 My Life as A Weapon

Batman: Second Chances (new this week) (shown)

Batman: Harley Quinn (new this week)

Penny Dora and The Wishing Box Vol. 1 (new this week)

Divinity (new this week)

Bad Dreams (new this week)

(For more TPB recommendations, see past “What To Look Forward To”, starting from 06/10/15)


SECRET Secret World Battleworld 3WARS

While I won’t be keeping up with Secret Wars myself, check out Paul Miranda’s Secret Wars Declassified for all the details and what’s been going on. Here’s a checklist of all the tie-ins coming out this week:

Secret Wars Battleworld #3

Armor Wars #3

Captain Britain and The Might Defenders #1

Captain Marvel and The Carol Corps #2

Guardians of Knowhere Captain Marvel Carol Corps 2#1

Hail Hydra #1

Inhuman Attilan Rising #3

Korvac Saga #2

Planet Hulk #3

Siege #1

Where Monsters Dwell #3

Years of Future Past #3


What else are you getting? Want more recommendations? Find me on Twitter @4ColorPhil

That’s it for now, happy reading everyone! See you next week.