Big Brother 17 Episode 10 Recap & Spoilers 07.15.2015

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Big Brother 17 Episode 10 just wrapped up! Here’s a recap of everything that went down, and what we think you should expect to come:

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

The episode started off following the Battle of the Block competition. Jason and Meg have just saved themselves, making Vanessa this weeks HOH. John, who has just successfully thrown two BOTB’s in a row, says that James apologized to him for screwing up the competition, and once again really didn’t have to do anything to throw it.

While half the house still thinks the plan is to backdoor Audrey, Vanessa plans on voting out James. Audrey come up the the HOH to make sure she is safe, which Vanessa confirms, however tells her she needs to stop coming up to the room so often.

Liz and Julia make their ninth switch, this one being particularly interesting. One of them has a cold, and Liz tells Julia people are on to her fake tooth.

The veto competition happens; John, James, Vanessa, Shelli, Austin, and Audrey all get to compete.

John wins the Power of Veto.

Following the veto, James tells John he’s still feeling pretty safe this week, as the plan is to backdoor Audrey.

Vanessa and Austin are both in the HOH following the competition. Vanessa flips out on Austin for “obviously” throwing the competition, to which he denies, and says he just had a lapse of judgement for a second, and that he considered it for a split-second, and then decided to keep playing for it. Vanessa breaks down crying saying she doesn’t believe him, and that he did throw it. In the diary room, Austin again confirms that he threw it, but is having trouble convincing Audrey otherwise.

Cronk’s game changing BB Takeover continues, with lots and lots of parties.

Jeff talks to Vanessa about her thoughts. Vanessa says she’s not sure she can put up Audrey because of the causes she supports and how it would make her look (which I think, and hope, is not the actual reason, just a copout). Jeff tells her that no one will think badly, because she clearly is responsible for all the drama of the week.

Jeff goes downstairs and tells Clay that Vanessa is brainwashed, and asks Austin when Vanessa’s target changed from Vanessa to James. Austin acts surprised, but Jason says Austin knew the whole time. Austin and Vanessa confront Jeff, resulting in a major blowup between Jeff and Vanessa.

Gronk has a party ship or something.

John has used the Power of Veto on himself. Vanessa has nominated Jeff in his place. Either Jeff or James will be evicted.

Tomorrow we’ll get to see the third eviction, as well as next weeks HOHs. Be sure to check back for more episode and live feed recaps here on Inside Pulse.